Aleph-X builder's thread.

Yup, Aleph X headphone amp with Jfet frontend and FQP3N30 ccs/outputs. For now I have it biased at 0.5A with +/-15V rails. With the X'd circuit that's 30W dissipation per side.

I have yet to listen to the amp, the setup is still very experimental. Next I'll be adding a DC servo I suppose. The semis are tightly matched and track really well thermally, so in theory it should work without a servo, but it's an easy enough tweak and brings some peace of mind.
that board's a blast from the past! :)
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Thank you :)
And all runs very well with only 1 Problem with one because of an damaged mica pad.

As promised, here the complete schematics (it might be that not every part has the latest value):



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they run fine since nearly 3 years now. 1 had a fault because of a faulty mica pad in the LTP-CCS.
I must admit that mine run in low-power bias at 95% of the time because of power consumption. 700W / stereo at full throttle is a little too much for me in the actual „green“ world with expensive electricity. But a friends amps run at 100% with no problem.
Sound wise they convince since day one, but we have annother project in work, giving a hard match for the aleph-JX with a more conventional output stage running at lower bias.

Regards J-C
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Good morning, I would like to know if it is possible to buy pcb for aleph x in the new version or if I can get gebbers for pcb printing. Thank you and best regards.