Aleph J build guide for noobs

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Hi Getgoin - Looks like ZM is taking a very rare break for sleep. :)

I'd encourage you to follow the guide directly. It shows connection-by-connection / measurement-by-measurement how to do the final setup for your amp. Of course, if you have more questions, just post. However, everything is already written in a very nice format with pictures.

Congrats on getting both channels' bias and and offset set! Nice! :)
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It is done and hooked up to system. My gosh! It i so clear, present and transparent. Even the silences between notes are musical. Spent most of the day yesterday listening and grinning. The Aleph J is part of a three way upgrade for me: speakers, amp and preamp (all DIY). All three are done and each made a significant contribution. The preamp is the Korg B1. I have a slight intermittent issue with the Korg (I think it's the Korg): very high pitched tone. Maybe microphonics. Anyway, I'll post this over on the Korg preamp thread.

Thanks Zen Mod and ItsAllInMyHead for sticking it out with me. Your help made the difference.

Here's what it looks like all hooked up.
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Aren't you a Heresy guy? These aren't Klipsches but they are supposedly close, a cross between Cornwalls and La Scalas.

I am Heresy Guy, in principle and everything :clown:

though, my present living arrangements are not allowing neither Klipsh Horns nor Jubilees, and these are only one I'm interested in

So, content with small (refrigerator) sized MLTLs with dual concentrics, for now