AEM6000 Based 50W Amp

This SCH is from the original AEM6000
Thanks Suzy for keeping this beautiful instrumentation amplifier alive, there are old and new instrumentation equipment's still using this topology. I think I still have your LTSpice files from way back then. Did you ever make a phono preamp using this topology? Do you prefer the instrumentation amplifier over an audio amplifier? But it sure would kick *** in a phono preamp. You should hook up with Wayne to give us the ultimate phono preamp featuring steep low noise filters
Hi Suzy, just found the description expected of an instrumentation amplifier in your documentation. The spectrum analyzer results further reinforces the narrative. "The end result is a robust, dependable, fast, quiet and reasonably cool amplifier, that has been (disparagingly) referred to as clinical. To my mind this is exactly what an amplifier should be. I’ve had half a dozen in near constant use for years, driving for example my Ariel transmission line speakers, my original noisePlank, noiseUnit (in prototyping), a pair of Infinity RS-5b speakers, and some DIYAudio “reference” speakers. It’s my go-to amplifier."
If somebody is interested, i am working on a mouser BOM (latest 4th revision as indicated prior in the thread). I imported SuzyJ's BOM but had to adapt several items as I did not want to order 3000 or 4000 capacitors :) I would post it when ready.
By the way a big thanks to SuzyJ for the really great documentation. I also ordered 10 boards (black) @jlcpcb.
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