XXV Sampson power up issues

I'm ordering some new diodes for the driver section of the power supply but for the life of me I can't make out the numbers on the diodes and finding it on the schematic is proving tough also. The diodes i'm referring to is D34/D34A/D34B/D34C. In the pic you can see that D34C is broken in half.

I know the value of the resistors. Am I suppose to measure the length/width when searching for them on Digikey? They come in many sizes.


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For no particular reason, I never used the 900 series diodes. I always use the 1n52.. or 1n47.. The one you chose should be equally good.

The following will work but the 41 may mean that it's a 1N5241, an 11v Zener.

The watt rating of devices like resistors, diodes, small transistors... is typically based on size. Size typically determines surface area and surface area determines the ability to dissipate heat.

The tolerance for the B-suffix diodes (fairly standard) is ±5%.
i went with what you suggested. The parts came in but the resistors are bigger than what's on the board. When ordering resistors I got the color code and I wasn't sure about the other options. What other options should i look for when ordering these parts to make sure i get the right ones?
I know where the audio(supply) drivers are on the board and schematic, but i don't understand how they are connected so as to make sure nothing is shorted or connected wrong. There are many solder points around the legs and burnt traces so i'm having to make bridges.

For example, the pic in post #21, Q8 and Q7, on the back side of the board the supply(1st leg) on both are connected/crossed with D34 and R60, and i can see the middle leg is connected to the trace above and below Q7/Q8, but I don't see a connection on either side of the board for the 3rd leg
The attached diagram is closer to what you have. The point where the Zener and the 510 ohm resistor connect goes to both the NPN and the PNP transistor bases.

If you have to make a jumper, use wire to make the connection. Don't bridge it with solder alone.


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