Would a small folded midrange horn work?

So you’re looking to spend a lot less than $200 on a bottom end - which is fine considering what you have to drive them with. But I think you are going to be stuck with a ferrite motor.

GRS you say -hmmm.. And now they have their Delta Pro 15 clone now too (It’s called the Yamaha Club replacement, but that’s what it is). Which at $139 I’d consider for sure. They aren’t crazy heavy as 15’s go. Probably fine in a 50-60 Hz tuned TH, driven with only 200-300 watts. It will get as loud as your limited battery capacity will let things go without any strain. Hit the same thing with an RMX2450 and it might bottom the coil and rip the cone to shreds.
Thanks wg_ski - I'm lookin to spend nothing if possible - lol - will have to see that club

hey LORDSANSUI - John says it sounds GREAT ! and ran it with an SWR 10 and the Peerless Tymphany "Pro" 10 - - --whether a DE250 on tiny Zomax 2370 can do this = ???

Driver in this clip = Eminence SWR 10" ~54oz magnet - Camera back 35 feet.

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its a wicked and unfair world at best - I've basically no use for it as am disabled and living in a trailer park where I would be kilt fast playing with speakers.

John Lapaire listened to a variety of voices on it today "no chestiness" ;^)

4 would be great. With it sitting on the ground - might an extension kinda convert it to upper/midbass range?

Is it a lack of proper 12" to prevent the design being built as a 12? I remember Bill Woods posting picture of a big J horn using a 15" built in several sections - i think he even ran it w/o any back chamber (?) I've one - maybe two 2220H left in my mess.
To go lower, it's not much about driver size but in fact it's about horn length, so probably a different layout would be required. The bigger one I know with sealed chamber is the SuperBassHorn and I think it reach 30Hz.


To improve this model i would eliminate the Offset driver placement so that could extend the upper frequency range.


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See the simulation for the SuperBassHorn using the drive B&C 15NW100_8Ω

Don't know if it's optimized for this model but it will give you a raw indication.

I was forgetting that also throat adapter will improve it's performance.


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with some small tuning in the horn profile we can improve the SPL response between 30Hz and 60Hz reducing a little the peak and dip (oscilation) in this range, getting a "flatter" response.

But the box is huge, 630L to achieve ~98dB at 35Hz feeding it with 2,83V


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630 liters is labhorn size. I ought to know, I built 8 two decades ago. I have a 710 liter design now, and moving them is a B****, even on wheels. Working on “geezer rock” 50 Hz box now that models 102 dB/W down to that 50, and almost 600 liters. Light neo driver, though. That ought to save about 10 pounds.
look what my friend just made - a 0.83x scale build of a 12" driver horn posted by Bespav. It weighs 5kg unloaded and its mouth area and mouth aspect are quite close to that of LORDSANSUI's smallhorn3..


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since Christmas 2019 I've been crammed into a 10 foot x 50 foot trailer -with roof that leaks and been up all night listening to a little scaled Klipsch "Belle" loaded with a stiff old 12pe32 - just the baby Belle - I hear potential goodness and will top it soon with a K600 midhorn and cheap $30 PRV midrange driver and whatever tweeter I can find.

I may not have money to ship those new horns - income dropped >60 percent and taxes are up. I'll be lucky not to be homeless with zero income as that will happen if I don't sell a lot of stuff - and our car doesn't run to make it to the post office.


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