What do members of diyAudio use as music players?

Hello everyone

Player Foobar2000 v2 on AMD Raven Ridge 2400G with Topping D20-OPA1612 and Behringer DCX2496 multiamp system (modded Simon Ashton aka Tenson) and many AB amplifiers operating in current mode. Homemade acoustic speakers, from my construction.


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Yes, for my 65 year old ears I hear everything at 44.1Khz for 16bits. There are six ways, the two Peerless 830452 (blue boxes) are disabled. Subwoofers are Eminence LAB12 and Dayton RSS210HF. Others are Seas Excell, Mark Audio, Vifa and Fountek(RT). What convinced me to switch all over to current amplifiers was Sir Joe Rasmussen's discussion in https://www.diyaudio.com/community/...tt-transconductance-current-amplifier.239321/ It helped a lot John Lenard Burnett's opinions on his audio page - http://education.lenardaudio.com/en/ Sorry, I'm not familiar with the English language
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I use a 1976 Technics SL1500 MKI with an AT-VM95en cell and a Intel NUC running win10 and JRiver on my main system, in my office it's just my laptop running win10 and JRiver who does the duty. All my music is storend on an NAS somewhere tucked away in a corridor (where the noise is no issue) and accessible from my network (LAN+Wifi). The NUC is often operated over RDP from one of my laptops as i'm to lazy to get out my seat to change music when it's not vinyl that is playing... But it' has a screen, keyboard and mouse as i also use it to watch tv (internet tv).
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A description of listening area, and available equipment would have been useful if '@edbarx' wanted to do it.

Many of the posters here seem to prefer digital to physical media, an indication of change.

So the software and DAC selection becomes important.

Most of this can be done with a smartphone, streaming service, and a reciever from the phone to the amp, and possibly active speakers will eliminate the amp entirely.
Or headphones, then all the equipment becomes junk...

All equiptment becoming junk with headphones strikes a nerve here. I bought two Cirrus based USB C Dacs. The €10 one from Apple and one with the CS43131 for €22. Incredible value for money. On my linux gear they are both great. But that's not what I got them for, I want to listen in decent quality on my phone while on the train to work.

I am now at war with Android, and Android is winning. I cannot figure out how to make my phone output anything other than 16 bit 44.1kHz. I'd be fine with that if my headphones were not as efficient as they are. The way it is now I have to turn the volume down very low and the operating system volume control is spectacularly bad. I clearly hear quantization noise, everything sounds like an 8 bit WAV file on a SoundBlaster 16 in 1995. If anyone here has solved this problem and can point me to the right thread or website, I'd be very grateful.

It is absurd to say that edbarx posted a marketing survey.
I doubt that it was meant that way. I took it more as a comment on people just listing their gear and nothing else. It's a lot more informative when we get some more food for thought. I learned a lot in this thread already, intricacies of vinyl mastering and new additions to my reading list on the topics of current amps and crosstalk cancellation.
Yes, I agree with that last bit. I also figured the remark from @jan.didden was meant to let the users here add just a little more in depth info on the choices they made.
I actually enjoyed the stuff like the side discussion on vinyl mastering, as we have a few members with hands on experience (or close enough). I value that kind of side tracking, as I just might learn something new from it. :)
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Well, not sure anyone cares because you mostly seem to be streaming, but to respond to the criticism of not just answering with one-liners, in addition to using SACD-R and DVD-AR capable players, I also re-author DVD-VR and DVD-AR with freeware. DVD-V does up to 96kHz and 24-bit LPCM, so not to be sneezed at, and many players can play DVD-VR.
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I am now at war with Android, and Android is winning. I cannot figure out how to make my phone output anything other than 16 bit 44.1kHz. I'd be fine with that if my headphones were not as efficient as they are. <snip>

If you are using a small external dac with your phone perhaps you try this or one of its competitors. I have several friends who use this with Audioquest and other small USB dacs.

With skins you can customise Foobar to a multitude of interfaces for any old recycled PC/notebook/Smartphone:

View attachment 1055655

View attachment 1055656

Smart phone:

View attachment 1055657

Great real time analyser:
View attachment 1055660

Flexible upsampling DSP fully configurable for the freq vs impulse of your choice:

View attachment 1055659

or load up excellent VST's like izotope.....and ....and.....

Its a DIY kind of player.

Disclosure: Foobar is freeware. Im not a Foobar developer. I have used Jriver and Linux but reverted to Foobar.

I have been running Foobar on laptops, but don't like the interface. Running it now on a Surface Pro. I'd prefer an interface like what is on Apple Music. Even controlling from an iphone or ipad would be great. I'm seriously confused by all the configuration and plug-in options. Some specfic poiners would be appreciated.
I have been running Foobar on laptops, but don't like the interface.
Foobar is one of the greatest DIYaudio resources. But like all DIYaudio you will need to launch in and be experimental in your approach. Foobar is highly configurable. There are plugins that can make changes akin to hardware changes like preamp SS to tube like timbrel shifts.

If you do an Internet search you will find all you need. If you want Foobar to look like Apple search Foobar skin Apple under images. If you want an iphone app for Foobar remote just install the app of your choice.
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I cannot figure out how to make my phone output anything other than 16 bit 44.1kHz.

Free. HD. Updated:

HiBy Music​

Hiby Music Player is a free lossless HiFi audio player designed for audiophiles and music fans. Newest features include support for direct USB audio on Android 7.x, and HiByLink for controlling lossless playback on affiliated remote devices, giving you a first-class music experience wherever you go.

1. Wide lossless/lossy audio format support, including DSD(DSF,DFF,DST), ISO, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, M4A, AAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis
2. CUE sheets and ISO images are also directly supported
3. High precision decoding with 32 bits output, 64 bits floating point decoding and 128 bits internal precision, all for the best audio quality.
4. External USB DAC is supported with DXD/DoP output. You can get Native DSD or 384kHz, 32 bit DXD audio streams easily.
5. Gapless playback
6. 10 band graphic EQ
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