What do members of diyAudio use as music players?

It is interesting to know what members of this forum use as music players.

I use a Raspberry Pi with a monitor and keyboard. The music is played through an IQAudIO card. I should think there are better options than this and sharing such knowledge should be beneficial to all forum members.
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Music player? Hard or soft or both? Obviously "digital" sources? Network or/and locally saved files?

Hard - desktop PC/HDD and laptop pc/SSD onboard dac or USB to outboard dac, mobile phones, DAPs, Yamaha AVR, Yamaha WXD-50
Soft - Tidal, Spotify, Youtube, Amazon HD, Foobar2000, Yamaha Music Cast etc.

I prefer "HD" formats, but compressed+normalized goes for casual car and at-work listening. FM radio and Tidal most of the time.
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I would like to get hold of a reliable music/audio player which supports various digital formats. My Raspberry Pi setup is not satisfactory. It needs a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and other similar music players need another device like a cell phone or another computer. I would like to have a standalone player with a screen and keyboard built in. The Raspberry Pi is becoming combersome as modern monitors are too big for such a purpose. A 10 inch screen is enough, but I found only 24 inch monitors.
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I have used Logitech Media Server (LMS) and a turntable for nearly 20 years for my music listening. For the last several, I’ve had LMS running on a Raspberry Pi using piCorePlayer as the OS. The playback includes a mix of Logitech (formerly Slim Devices) Squeezebox players and a few other piCorePlayer RPi’s just running as Squeezelite player clients. All the players are synced perfectly. Control of the playback and clients is done from any device on the network. For a while I had the turntable piping into LMS through an ADC, but have gone back to direct all analog for vinyl listening isolated to my main stereo system. This setup has been exceptionally reliable and stable. piCorePlayer is great. https://www.picoreplayer.org/
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