V3 Universal Power Supply Circuit Board

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Building a project and looking to put together a power supply. Not sure how long it has been since these PCBs were available. Any idea when they might return to the diyAudio store? Thanks in advance for any info... Fully understand this is a volunteer effort and things get done when they get done.

Of course, any recommendations for another source for a similar product would be appreciated.

Capacitor section can be stacked one on top of the other. Connections for quick parallel stacking are provided via Snap-On connectors or direct soldering. This is under the description of the universal psb. My question is does this mean you can use multiple capacitor boards per rail for more capacity?


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There where some photos in the Get some standoffs tall enough to clear the capacitors and mount the 2nd PCB above the 1st. You can use 1/4“ blades sticking up from the bottom boards and blades sticking down from the top board and make connections with 1/4” quick connects if you want it removable, or solder one board and blade one, whatever works.

The resistors are not required on the 2nd board.

What’s the application where 8 caps are not enough? The standard use is if you have a number of smaller value capacitors instead of ones of the suitable size.
Sorry 6l6 I’m finally getting around to your question. You asked me the application where I thought 8 capacitors would not be enough. The psb’s are for a pair of f5turbo v3’s shooting for 100w mono blocks 48v rails as of now I can only find 22,000uf 63v caps that will fit the boards. I would like more capacitance but maybe that’s enough