UGS-muse preamp GB


2018-09-06 4:09 pm
Got a PCB set and already assembled the PSU board.
@Eric06, that documentation you have put together for the new type power supply and shunt regulators is award winning! Thank you for that.

Thinking of using for analog two Tamura 3FD-448 and for digital Tamura 3FD-516 (for 5V relais Kemet EC2-5NJ), per trafo voltage selection sliders C&K V80212MA08QE and a Schurter 4301.3211 power entry module. Need to fabricate a neat pc board for those to finish up the PSU.
My new front display setup is ready

Does anybody have a SMT32 microcontroller left please?
Is only the SMT32F446 compatible or can any STM32 (LQFP100) be used?
STM32F405, STM32F427, etc...

Thank you.

In theory the STM32F4 are compatibles pin to pin on the same package so it should be ok but double check the pinout to make sure.
But the main problem here is the FW if you want to use it for the UGS Muse as it is built for the STM32F446, so I would have to rebuild it for the device you choose.
Let me check if I still have some F446 in my personal stock.
You have some difficulties to buy this part online?


2018-09-06 4:09 pm
Gionag, I would be interested in your adapter board, hope you could help me out for the 2nd encoder. Thanks!

Anyone has a p/n for JP5?
Are all caps 10nF and all resistors 10k?
Single row male/female pin strips would do the job for JP1 and JP5, I guess.

If gionag or someone can help me with that board would be great, otherwise need to fabricate one myself. I guess the flipside of the board must be GND and one pad of each of the caps goes to GND and then to pin12 of the spare I/F. Using 10k resistors and 10nF caps, 0805.
schematics are public ... made some pcbs for me. Everything else is only diy. Dont want to share gerbers files, etc... If anyone is interested, I have permission from Papa to make a copy for myself UGS V6.
Made some modification, position of components. First is Muse attenuation, second is UGS module and last is buffer. SOUNDS GREAT. THX people...