Transmission line speakers I have never seen before. Need help to figure every thing out

Hello im Barry. I have just bought a pair of tl speakers. The crossovers I need to figure out which wires correctly go to which driver. It's s design iv never seen before. Hopefully the pictures will help


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So, Bazza, are we to take it that you have no any idea of the make and model of this transmission line speaker?

A clear plan view of the crossover board without all the wires obscuring the components may be helpful.
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Given the tested sticker and the familiar board copper side layout, it must have been someone’s kit with premade XOs.

What are the box’’s external dimensions? What is it made of? Pictures?

Parts might be worth more than the whole.

So its mdf 3/4in I think with extra wood in corner. The finished wood laminate is beautiful very good indeed. Size is H915mm W340mm D450mm and weight is allot and more!
The Rogers TLS and PRO9 seem to be mixed up here. The system on display looks like like the Rogers TLS with B110, T27 and Coles 4001. The PRO9 had the Peerless KO40MRF as midrange and a Audax or Seas tweeter. Also the x/o PCB looks different from the PRO9, which had a third order electric LP, if my memory does not fool me. The vent was on the very top of the baffle, not halfway.
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