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Here's snow the other day, out my window. Pics by my helper friend.

It snowed today too while I was power walking.


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Haze around here is perfectly “normal“ this time of year - a “clear” summer sky often looks gray. And really nasty thunderstorms can brew in it without anyone really noticing until the tornado sirens go off. Our internet is finally back after more than a week - one such storm brewed up 100 mph straight line winds and a tornado. Which took out the local wireless ISP.

Now we probably won’t be able to buy rain for 6 months.
We had "pop up" storms yesterday that weren't predicted. The storms formed right over the area and strengthened as they went east, resulting in severe storms over northern Michigan. What was predictable is that it poured on the Pride parade, although it didn't dampen the festivities.

I predict more "pop up" storms this week. Why? We're stripping siding and cladding off the house this week and the north side of the house will be protected by big blue tarps. I predict straight line 100 mph hour winds when we try to put the tarps up.
One summer when I was attending the U of I (early 1980s) we had frequent tornadoes that had zero warning. It would be hot and sticky and all of a sudden there'd be a debris cloud. I was injured in one of them when my garage door blew off the hinges. The Army Corp of Engineers building had big AC units on the roof and they replaced those units every two weeks for about half the summer.
The one that caused all the wreckage formed in Oklahoma while the sun was still up and held together till well after midnight. It was 10 when it hit here. One that dumped a bunch of rain but no other damage formed in the haze pretty much right on top of us. You couldnt see anything brewing, just heard the thunder and then about two inches of rain in 15 minutes - and it was gone. Thursday or Friday, I was out on my usual bike ride and could see one forming about a mile away from the hill where my **** spot is. It was dry where I was, but dumping rain just on the other side of the high tension lines. It started to drip drip, so I took the next right turn and headed for home. I occasionally got dripped on, but for the most part stayed ahead of it. I could see it getting steadily worse. I had to wait at the traffic light four miles out, but I could see this literally blue wall of water approaching. Couldnt just run it - I was turning left while the Lavon Dynasty (a long unbroken line of cars, which lasts for centuries) was coming out of town. Damn long red light. Stupid storm caught me with three quarters of a mile to go, with maybe 60 mph straight line winds. At least it was a tail wind. 10 minutes after I got home it was perfectly calm and clear.
2pm current temp - Surrey Ca: 29º
11am current temp - Maui Hi: 23º
has seen more rain then Seattle this year.
Being just a couple hours north, the rainy city of Vancouver is asking people to water the hedges and trees on the boulevards and within complexes. I spent 30 minutes myself doing that this morning alone. Was late for work. The boss understands. :)
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