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I have a few 21" CRT monitors. They were really expensive back when they were on the market, but they were really cheap just a few years ago when I got them. I quit using them because I got these flat-screen things that also came down in price, and work well and take less power, but they don't quite keep me warm like the CRT's used to...

we gotta see this soldering iron !
If whether it's plugged in or not makes a difference in the house temperature, perhaps he should check to see if his thermostat is working.
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"For I am become like a bottle in the smoke; yet do I not forget they statutes."—Psalm 119:83

Ok, I'm stretching it a little but that line is kinda beautiful.
Going back to coldness. Madrid is not that cold, the 'natural smoke' or 'human vapour' as we speak started
only a couple of days ago. It rarely snows. Living in Canada must be tough in winter.

* OK, I've seen it but I don't know how to fix it. I took the quote from the web and everything has stretched out.
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Here we generally don't need or want added heat, even in winter. This house has central heat, but I would guess it's been used about 10 days in the 35 years I have lived here.

Today is the second day this season that I could turn OFF my AC. Still at about 3PM the temperature inside the house got up to 82, so..... I had to do it....chill out time.

I took these pictures and sent them to Sherri who is in West Virginia. The temp there last night was in the 20's. She was not amused, and reminded me that I will be there too in a few days.


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While I just saw a photo of a snow-storm in the upper Great Lakes area, winter has been avoiding the Lower Great Lakes area. Sunday the temperature stayed between 50F and 58F (10C & 13C) for over 20 hours. The only snow so far has been on car windshields and porch roofs. The TV weather people are hoping for a winter storm just before Christmas.