The Weather

I sent an urgent enquiry to the Landlord today. Who supplies the water at Number 21, Yarborough Road, Portsmouth UK? Is it Southern Water?

Reason being our Green and Pleasant Land of the UK seems to be shrivelling up under an uncharacteristic Heatwave:

We apparently face another dry month here before the usual British Fog and Rain resumes. It's hard to sleep at night. A hosepipe ban would cause me difficulties.

Cold is alright IMO. You can put on a jumper. Hot is unbearable. Nothing you can do except suffer. :mad:

And I have the garden to maintain. Watering Cans are just hard work.

We have been having quite wet weather for the past week and it continues with only one dry day in the 10 day forecast.

Friday a big storm pushed through and a big clap of thunder was coupled with some lights going out in the house and some others start to flicker. Figuring it was a breaker, I went downstairs and checked them and none were tripped. So I started tripping and resetting them. When I tripped one, the lights got brighter. So I started measuring the line voltage and found one side was fluctuating down to 50V and up to 132V. The other side was zero. I stepped outside and saw the problem. A rather large tree had fallen across my power line coming to the house and the neutral and one side was torn lose from the house. The other line was still attached. True earth was acting as the return/Neutral line. Needless to say I stayed way away fron that tree and called the power board. It took a couple hours for the team to get to me as they had other wide area outages. I ran my aux generator until they arrived. They only took 30 minutes to run new lines.
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That heat that's coming your way was here earlier today. The air was almost too thick to breathe. But some severe storms blew through and it's tolerable now - still hot and humid though. A cool front is supposed to pass through overnight.

This kind of heat and humidity fuels some impressive storms. There's been a lot of storms pop up right overhead this year. I remember one day was so hot and humid and rain was not predicted for days. Later on that evening those same weathermen were covering extensive local flooding and wind damage. There's two tornadoes a week all summer so far.
Yes, when you're not used to it and the highest you ever felt was 37º a dozen years ago, 43.7º last year was strange. It's so hot to a fair skinned guy from the great white north that likes to perspire, that your body goes into protection mode. I stopped sweating. Never mind your fluid intake, that was kept high. In fact, 30º water which is warmer than a standard swimming pool was shockingly cold. That kind of heat makes you dizzy to the point where you have to sit down. Less motion, less heat generated I suppose. I am glad there was only '3 days of the heat dome'. Which I'm sure is going to be a movie one day. :)
Things are pretty desperate in Portsmouth, UK! :confused:

No finer place to live, of course. But the Summer drought is getting worse:


Everbody flaking out under the Summer heat. Can't believe this is England's Green and Pleasant Land! Still, the Beach was pleasant enough.

Happily, Portsmouth Water has never, ever imposed a hosepipe ban. This is because our water comes from the hilly South Downs after thousands of years.
This used to happen to me in the garage workshop building speakers. And the dizziness that Cal mentioned. I'd be so zonked that the heat wasn't on my mind. Then I'd step into the house and realize how bad I was.
When you go over the social security eligibility mark, it's wise to keep sucking down those 8 oz bottles of water every hour or so.

I became dehydrated in Sicily about 7 years ago, and it wasn't pleasant afterwards.
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