The Singing Bush Tips 'n' Tricks

humm Alfa Rossa ,nah we love this


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if SIT case is having much greater temperature than mosfet when output node is set to ~rail/2, that alone is clear sign that thermal transfer between main/side heatsink and SIT heatsink is not nearly enough

you need to arrange it differently - T bracket or L bracket for SIT, not thinner than 5mm and with area not smaller than 50*100mm per side screwed to main heatsink; more the merrier!!

now, if you really need that much negative voltage, maybe best strategy is to simply revert places values of R11 and R12 (SIT pcb) ; put 9K1 for R11 and 1K5 for R12
Hi Zen Mod, sorry if I didn't write last night. First, the second channel is also Ok. I left 4k7 on R12 and mounted 9K1 on R11. I also had to change R3 on the Mu board and mounted 12r. So I have 31.1v and 640mv on the first channel with 62.2v rail and 30.5v with 640mv on the second channel with 61 volts rail. I treasured what you told me for the dissipation of the SITand today I order the aluminum L. Last night I mounted the fans that I use in the summer for the Bush # 1 and connected two car speakers ... Sounds ... With the fans mounted on the outside of the case, the body of the sit reaches about 70 degrees, 8 in more than the mosfet. Can I make it break in a little bit like this? Thank you dad for my Singing Bush ...
Soon I will post some pictures
As the saying goes: ”It aint over until the fat lady sings”.

Well? It surely aint over until THESE beautiful ladies sings!! 🥰


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Yea well, by simply and purely scientifically doing a classicly solid EYEBALLLING of them fine curves, alone, it seems to be a pretty significant(!) difference between my absolutely lovingly smoking hot 2SK182ES twin babes and them THF-51S very good twin VERY bad girls.


Well, it seems for real, exist a interesting difference. Dont ya think?

I am of course joking with ya and having fun. But it is! a interesting difference between the pairs. So. It is gonna be fun to ”tube roll” them in the coming builds over the coming years 🙂

😎🎸<—-me playing the electric bass ❤️
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Me just blabbing and not really giving you all some pure music gold?

Hrm. Excuse me 😎

So, here it comes: Utterly full and Juicy, very, very dynamic, fully fat, yet beautifully firm and with the sense of full clarity and lightning fast attacks.

Simply: The saxophone and the electric bass creates a incredibly cool Music groove!

Well? So? Time to give them mighty Tokins (or whats currently up and running) a real run for their money!!!🎸

Always save your ears for the really good music. So, now: Smile. Crankit up! 🤘🙃

When the SITs run like a follower then matching is not strictly necessary?
It has probably been mentioned but I have not read it all........yet.....
The two mono block chassis I have under ways to me with the special alu panel heat spreader......they total weight says 26.5 kg of the packet.
Another way completely, to look at it is to match them active output devices exquisitly extra bad, and by that gain a extra enhanced sense of stereo information:

The old Beatles MONO recordings then sounds like completely new STEREO recordings. And your old Stereo recordings now sounds like Full Dolby Atmos mixes with your celing speakers only virtually activated, but are now sounding live and kicking.

The Beatles pseudo stereo recordings sound very "artificial" with first something in the left speaker and then something in the right speaker.
If it was original mono recordings, they should have kept it that way. The latest "deluxe" version of Abbey Road sounds ok but I have never been impressed by their recordings. To my ear some Doors and Led Zeppelin recordings sound better :) ......the reason may also be that I like the music better :)

With other source followers with output devices that were not match I measured same mix of 2nd, 3rd etc. harmonics using REW. This should be a good indication that matching was not needed?