The Singing Bush Tips 'n' Tricks

Yeah, makes me wonder if the 2SK182 is a TO-3, and 182ES is the same as THF-51S.

Pras seems to be reliable, except in my case where I never received my Tokins and ended up being out $200 lol :(
I am surprised she did not make this right.

I did not pay any attention to the ES suffix. That might be what that means!

Much easier to mount that case, that is for sure.


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2019-08-26 7:05 pm
ZM, am I correct in understanding that the cap size for C2 is determined based on the high pass created with R5? If that's correct, I'm curious if there would be any harm in increasing R5 to justify a smaller capacitance for C2. I tried it in Spice and didn't see any notable changes when updating R5 to 200k, but not sure if that would be the case in real life.


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Hey hifi dudes, since i am a happy n00b i ordered these mighty fine pieces yesterday.
I was thinking ”tube rolling”: 2SK182ES & THF51S. A projekt for the coming winter🙂👍

Did i waste money? What do you think? Is in not really worth the hassle to ”roll” them because their sonic character is simply almost exactly the same??


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2018-04-06 7:09 pm
@JeyDee , I asked a similar question a little while back.

I wouldn't sweat it when it comes to "rolling" them (unless you set it up in such a way to make it both safe & easy to do so).

Like others said, doesn't hurt at all to hold on to extras and build another design with them, and swap out based on the flavor you want at that moment. ;)

This is what I intend to do anyhow.
Tokins are for ..... Weaklingsessssss


Well, you are obviously a pretty skilled electronics-dude. And a fairly good joker.


But i have got to say them all metal Tokins are far more beautiful than them black plasticy small to very small ”doorstoppers” with cheap looking flimsy metal tabs or holes 🙂

Well, all in all this is going to be an learning adventure.

My twin Alepj J:s in parallel mono sounds almost as good as pure love of music.

We will se if i can spank them Aleph J:s with my new builds, i am far from sure and sceptical of if it is even objectivly possible. 🥰❤️

Well. We will se, soon enough. It Will anyhow be an enjoyable learning adventure for me 😎