The food thread

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A few more.

That's good eating... Filipino?

What's in that red soup? RECIPE!!

On the big fish... did you try topping the fish with chopped japanese pickled ginger (gari), chopped green onions, and a bit of soy sauce and room temp sesame oil on it. Then you heat up, very hot, canola oil and drizzle it over the fish? For a fish that size, that will be at least half a cup of really hot oil ( almost 500F, don't smoke it).

It brings the white meat fish to a whole another level.

You can get that in Japanese restaurants and a very few Chinese fusion places.
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And if you want to watch the video, here 'tis. Don't forget to use an assembly rack (like this one).

Old fashioned tacos though.

Seriously, no one in SoCal offers hard shelled tacos... no one. They don't sell the at stores either (anglo, latino, whatever), everything are all kind of tortillas and you are supposed to wrap your taco. In many restaurants and roach coaches the tacos are served open faced, sort of like a tostada.
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Here is what transpired. Tacos and a cherry/lime Margarita.


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Did any of you watch the show 'Barely Cooking'
It was a risque cooking show with two persons I believe were actual cooks but, well you can see by this clip what was intended.
Back in my younger days, there was fun to be had in the kitchen including the day I brought home Durian for the first time.
It just seemed right to don the apron and have a good go at 'er.
Yes, that is a full crossword puzzle about food. Lot's of fun having the ladies fill it out while I am in a rather compromised condition. Modesty must be tossed out the window.
It was fun show to watch, please enjoy.


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Been busy with work, life, end of school year for #2 & #3.

Started a bread dough roughly based on mediterranean flavors, will bake tomorrow morning.


Tonight in my last hour at work trying not to fire the new guy, Missus texted me to stop at the bodega for fresh tortillas. Saw fresh, diced nopales in the cold case, grabbed a few and what I needed. Its now that time of year for ensalada de nopales. Cooked up a couple whole birds, shredded, made some mole, rice, and the fresh tortillas its a build what you want kind of night.

Couple Lagunitas to wash it down, got the Aleph fired up with CAN spinning along. 93°F here today. Might have to wait until late to keep the amp on.

I finally got tired of going through a cupboard for dry spices. Today I was getting some more scrap off cuts ready to turf out, and a half hour later, a spice rack, and more cupboard space.
Handy for me since I'm often enough a hunter gatherer when deciding what to spice my main courses with.
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Is that a Kimber 12TC?

Spices? Oh... sure, sure... tiny little bottles.

I got a double run of 4TCs in one speaker pair and a single run of 8TC (Maggies).... Running Canare biwired into the other speakers.

Wondering about upping to 12TCs for a long time.

You don't need much room when you just cook ONE ethnicity. Once you go FUSION... you end up with like four times as many spices as you show.

It's like going from blue/black 4TC to the latest 12TC.
I really don't hear a difference between it and zip cord with speakers. I just felt like adding a little bling.
I use 4TC, 8TC, and 12TC in various DIY power cables, depending on the length of run and what it's used for.
A run of 8TC for my tubed phono stage (once I switched to a passive attenuator) does a better job of eliminating noise from its output than a power regenerator I finally let go of last year.
I used to use boutique power cables I bought 25 or 30 years ago, but got tired of how hard to route they are.
The only close to boutique cables I have now are some short Pro-AC 11 power cords I made from bulk, maybe 15 or 20 years ago.
Since I don't use a whole bottle of spice in any item I cook, I see no reason to buy a 1 KG supply of each.
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We don't buy 1Kg of spice each either... we just buy LOTS of spices... American, European, Japanese, Indian (some kinds), Chinese, Thai, Persian... lately we started our Moroccan tour... the largest sizes we buy are for dried chiles, cumin, salts and pepper. Around 200gm, I think. We also buy Aji No Moto Hondashi in the four bag package.... because you can't even had too much MSG on your food...

I buy my cables used most of the time, or on sale... the Canare are well priced, well made and look nice. The Kimber don't do anything wrong. I don't know, it's just bling. I got some power cords from China on eBay... they are definitely bling and at 35 bucks for six feet they look nice enough and are a PITA to bend... so that's bling. ;-)
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Bread looks awesome as usual. 😎
Sumac is a highly under rated spice, it's a great salt substitute and adds a fresh tang to foods much like citrus.
I usually harvest at least a couple gallon ziplocks of it in the late summer when the berries ripen and usually make sun tea while they're coming tastes alot like lemonade!
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I love sumac and use it actually quite a lot in what many consider unconventional ways. Its the primary flavor ingredient in my dry rub recipe, I use that on ribs, pork chops, tri-tip, chuck steak, pork loin, grilled corn on the cob, Cornish hens, dove, chicken thighs, lots of things.

Fun thing about sumac, its actually a really good pigment!
My braided stuff I got in bulk. Some people wanted custom cables made, and since I always get double the materials for a project from their deposits, they were basically free for me.
To me, the braids are an extravagant version of a twisted pair, so they may be cancelling noise I didn't notice.
You did mention the spices are in tiny bottles as if you could barely see them in front of the cable. It seemed to me your meaning was I don't use enough spice, lol.
Going spiceless next- I saw a post someplace of a peanut butter and jam sandwich grilled like a cheese sandwich. Fortunately having gotten my blood sugar under control naturally the past year or two- I'm going to try it.
I feel we need a series 'young Cal' to cover his earlier exploits. I also feel that somewhere there must be a picture of him without a beard....
Young Cal was all straight A's and helping old ladies across the street.

Honest. :cool:

The beard appeared in 2001 when our hockey club lost a teammate. A few of us did it in his honour. I am yet to shave it off.
Can't seem to find a digital pic of me beardless.