TABAQ TL for Tang Band

... You have to double the cross-section area, keeping the height and the vent the same. ...
Doubling the cross-section area while maintaining the height, so width and depth change, got it.
Keeping the vent the same = ? I assume the length and height do not change, but does that also mean blocking the sides in to keep the vent the same internal width?
this is my first post in this forum. I have built a transmissionline (the vifantastisch) with Peerless TC9FD. I am looking to convert them to the SAT version and adding a subwoofer. However I dont want to build a sealed or ported enclosure as I like the sound of the TL.
I was wondering if I could use the TABAQ 5" plans and add a woofer like Omnes Audio SW 6.01 As far as I understand The most important TSP is the QTS which is 0.44. This should be in line with W5-2143. Has somebody already tried this? Iam thinking to drive this with Mivoc AM 80. This amp should have a Boost at 35Hz, which should not give an unwanted Peak at the lower range?
looks like it could reach 28Hz hump in a MLTL, a lull at your 35Hz which would be handled by the amp boost around that.
The TC9FD will distort quite a bit under 400Hz. I don't suggest to push it down that low.
Then, I would add in active XO to handle the delay between your Vifantastisch and the MLTL.
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Thank You! It seems okay, but they do not have a stock of these.
Unfortunately, it looks like stock is a problem all over, including Parts Express and DigiKey.

Don’t know about your currency or shipping costs to Hungary, but the funny thing is for me (in Africa) those drivers will cost much cheaper buying from Parts Express in the USA than from any of the European suppliers, and that includes shipping.
Hi, I had an order of PLS-P830987 to a new build but received a note from that it won't be in stock again, as the manufacturer decided to put a miniman order quantity of 2000 pieces.
Do anyone have a recommendation for replacement? Or another source in EU?
Not sure how it may help, but this driver is available from Tout Le Haut-Parleur Shop (TLHP in France) at a very attractive cost..😉
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