Speaker IPOD Power Amplifier P2--- 6W

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Hello! These are original authentic clean amps -speaker IPOD Power Amplifier P2--- 6W.


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Would I be right in reading this as needing a 24.7v power supply?

If so, there's no way this is gonna be any use for small iPod speakers - this might be cheating (as its an IC), but...

10W Mini HIFI 12V Digital power amplifier Stereo High power amplifier Board | eBay

It'll run off 5-15v DC, 10w/ch into 8ohm, decent efficiency, and the circuit board is about 40mm square.
Dear Chris, don't waste time trying to apply some logic to Adom's crazy "designs"
To begin with he's specifying 2x24.7V supplies, which translates into 25 to 30W RMS into 8 ohms.
Just do the Math, he won't :rolleyes:
He has no clue whatsoever :rolleyes:
He has "designed" 1 (one) amplifier, very poorly at that, and has posted the exact same schematic with meaningless variations (such as specifying some transistor Hfe 180 instead of 240, or 158K pots (good luck finding them;)) some 150 times by now.
Only useless clutter.
To "justify" it, each time it gets a new name.
All aggravated because they are always the same horrible design drawn in Paint or worse.:mad:

I've seen his posts elsewhere, after having a look around once this thread got such a negative reaction.
It does look like he's trying to fill up the forum server (albeit very slowly) with these schematics.
I'm just curious about what he comes back with when comparing his design vs something much better suited for "iPod power amplifier" purposes.

I'll consider myself warned though ;)


I'll make you a gift-Annex I gave the best audio technology.
Small linear distortion to the speaker is the power of P = 1W max !
The largest musical heat power output of the speaker is P = 3W max, think of yourself !


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Speaker Rsp = 4R is the linearity of the power P = 1Wp max, which corresponds to the voltage on the speaker 2Vp and 32 speaker Rsp=4R is used an increase of 15 dB amplifier gain, the amplifier P36W0.5R has a power of 215W and two-channel amplifier P = 600W (amplifier has Uo=6Vp for P=36W, 2x 16 pieces speaker has Usp=4Vp! –linearity).


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