Something to lighten the mood

When I was younger it meant Mother at Large. The neighbourhood moms all took turns.
Ahh, childhood memories... our small town neighborhood had dozens of kids and we had a "Bicycle at Large" too.
An old beat up bike that was passed around from family to family so kids could learn to ride before they got their own bike.
When my kids were young I lived in NYC where the tradition was a little different - all their bikes just vanished, never to be seen again.
And somtimes our cars too.
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I've just discovered that you can get chocolate versions of scotch eggs...

Don't they look scrumptious! They probably taste even better when deep fried!

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My impression of jerk spiced pork for a sandwich.
Faked it and made it, with what I have in the cupboard- allspice, ghost pepper, nutmeg, garlic, salt, black pepper, paprika, and marjoram.
Tasty enough with a little mustard stirred into some Greek yogurt.
No lettuce, subbed in some cilantro.


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Yes and not only that but when The Glass Tower was demolished, they built the Trans America tower at the same location. Thing is the Trans America tower was completed in 1972. Nonetheless, it was an interesting watch, thanks for posting.
I use to watch this guys videos and this one was recorded just like the non-april first ones.
Today our Old Peoples Club was visited by a group of musicians called The Small Group and they played a lot of laid back music. Very much enjoyed. IT was a great day, apart from the wet snow that plagued us.
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