Something to lighten the mood

So I see you may have a foot fetish as well?

Maybe some good old Mozart to lighten the mood? And if so, then why not along with Fazil Say, the master of unexpected and decently hilarious musical moments?

Mozart Piano Concerto K467, III Allegro vivace assay. from 22'48
Fazil Say at it's best. Things get definitely more and more unexpected from 28'02", culminating into a delightfully charming variation ...

Mozart K331 Rondo Alla Turka
For an inner and maybe also outer smile da capo a fine.

Leaving Mozart now:

Fazil Say. Black earth.
This one does not necessarly "lighten" the mood. But it touches it in other terms.
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From the site of the cabasse pearl pelegrina loudspeaker:


134 dB stereo
10 – 27 000 Hz
Low-Medium/Medium/Tweeter TCA
30 cm HELD woofer
Amplification per speaker
Treble: 300 W RMS / 520 W peak
Medium: 300 W RMS / 520 W peak
Low-medium: 1250 W RMS / 2500 W peak
Bass: 1850 W RMS / 3700 W peak
Amplification performance
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise : THD+N = 0,003% & 0,008% (1W, 4Ohm)
Saturation: 0
Background Noise 0 dB at 50m (-15,5 dB SPL at 3m)