Shigaclone MKII Black - The builders Thread

Thank you.
Hello. Few time ago i have end my shiga v3, it works well. I have compare it to sony 557esd end sony x7esd. And of corse i want to improve it more. When shiga works i have on v1 discrete smd good stabilizer, for v2 v3 and v4 i have lt1763 from shigas boom. And in have change v2 v3 and v4 for very good LDO TPS7A4700 stabilizers. All have 5.00-5.02 and dont know know why shiga dont want to read cd. When i push cd door swith cd is spining i have seen laser woorking, display shows tracks, but 3 or 4 sec cd dont spin any more. It looks like laser can write how many tracks on cd are but can not read music. It is pasible that shiga dont whant to work with tps stabs?
Next day of the battle. I have orginal sanyo laser, it was tested on shiga jvc radio and it plays. So i have done blach shiga lasser mods. 3x silver mica, 1837mkp and arctronic cap. And instaled lasser on my shiga v3. It works. It plays one minute and it loosing tracking... what the hell is going one?lasser is good, almost new, mods are done good. Pcb v3 works good to ,becouse on not oryginal not modded lasser it plays. Mayby i must try to set lasser on poteniometer? I have seen that it have difrent position from last two lasser i have.

1. check ribbon cable if this make proper contact.
2. make sure your power supply is able to deliver required current. As I told you in private, I highly not recommend battery powered power supply.
2. measure noise on your regulators. make sure these are not oscillating
3. check if there is no cracked mlcc or poorly soldered smd part

Another suggestion is to use a very short wire from clock to board. Even few cm make serious difference.

1. Checked allready by multimeter. And it looks good.
2. All stabilizers 5v have 1A current. and 8v have 1.5A I know you dont like bateery power suplies. But before inhave change 3 lt1763 stabilizers for tps ldo 5v everythink plays good, inhave even compared shiga v3 to sony esd557 and sony x7. So somethink go wrong when i have change them. Mayby esd have distroyed something on pcb?
2. I have measured noise and there is no oscilations on my oscilosope
3.for now i have checket top of pcb.
4. This clock have very strong ouput so 4 cm cable dont harm it.
Hi Tibi,
I need to replace my original transformer and I was going to use a Hammond dual 12V secondary torroid trans and since your 8V power supply was powered by 10V CT trans I am going to Salas Ultrabib III. How much current output do I need? V1,V2,V3,V4 are 2 mini regs and 2 Reflektor D. Ultrabib III needs 100mA extra for heating etc. but not a lot more. I have been scanning through thread but don't see current draw of Shiga board and transport. Anyone using Ultrabib III for 8V supply? Thanks for help. [I have no output on original trans secondary test open circuit on DMM its been sitting unused and disconnected while I have been building case don't no if I broke a wire manipulating while playing with layout] Thanks for help.

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