Quad ESL 57 – crossover/phase issue?


2012-02-13 7:59 pm
I reversed one of the phases just to show the difference in step! Step is a percentage, not a dB / SPL scale!


These are the (enlarged) pulses as measured by Rodney and unaltered from his REW file.
Red is left speaker tweeter, orange is right speaker tweeter
Can I just say.... if you remove that felt from the back of the tweeter panel, and you go to put it back..... Its REALLY easy to slip with the stapler and end up sticking a hole in the adjoining bass dustcover. I strongly advise that you cut a bit of cardboard and sit it into the right hand side to protect the bass panel dust cover.

I think you can guess why I know this!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
if you are concerned about one or more panels out of phase
The wiring from the audio transformer appears to be correct on both speakers. So I don't see how they can be out of phase even though I thought they might be.

Having established with OTA that some audio transformers were wired differently, I can now see why I have to invert the phase of one speaker to sound in-phase when listening in stereo.

My concern now is to find out which panel or panels are not up to spec as some of my measurements indicate. The only way I can think of doing this is too measure each panel individually.