Post your Analogue Source pics here

Hi all. I’m new here, but as we audiophiles know: you start with a good source, right?

Nottingham Analogue Sytems: Hyperspace turntable
Fidelity Research FR64S tonearm
Kiseki Blue MC cartridge
TTW stainless/carbon fibre weight


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Lenco L75 PTP style with separate motor island
RS-lab RS-A1 unipivot tonearm
Lil Casey prism linear tracking tonearm

LCR phono
6J49P-DRU best pentode + LL1660 + Silk LCR600 + 6E6P triode with bartola hybrid mu follower

Salas Valve Itch Phono with SSHV


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I've been experimenting with various designs for extending my DIY tonearm's wand and attaching the counterweight directly to it, rather than the previous polycarbonate bracket. This raises the center of the counterweight mass by 1/4", meaning less variation in VTF over warps. Also, it makes assembly of arms trivial, I no longer have to precisely align the bracket and wand while snugging fasteners. Perhaps most importantly, it does a better job controlling energy that makes it past the cartridge and into the arm, it measures and sounds the best so far.


Some time after I thought of a rubber foot counterweight, a thread @ came up where someone was showing how Shure had added a rubber damper (an inertia damper) to the end of the cantilever on the V-15 type IV (marked with the red arrow in the picture below). My arm doesn't look too different from a V-15 type IV stylus, in fact. My wiring, the Shure tie wire. My counterweight, the Shure inertia damper. My elastic bands, the Shure rubber suspension. Kinda weird how that happened.

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At the request of our groupmate (he sent me the board and details), the phono corrector of Nick Sukhov was soldered. I turned it on yesterday, listened for a long time and compared it with my Vasylych tube phono-corrector. Weighed all the pros and cons and came to this conclusion. I'll say it as it is, it's nothing! Because I am a straightforward person, I speak the truth, even if you cut me, even if you kill me, but you are the author of this phono-corrector, a great person and there is no one better than you! Of course, I am not a professional listener, but I was impressed by how well the phono equalizer plays even at low volume. The sound pours like water from a pure mountain spring, you can hear small details in the musical composition, a lot of air. I warn you right away, the video does not have the sound quality that it was in real life, and most likely, the sound will be blocked soon. My phone isn't cool enough to reproduce even a thousandth of a percent of the actual sound I heard. These are the cases.

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I absolutely adore my vintage SL-1100 table with Pickering XUV cart and Toshiba C15 pre (as the MM RIAA amp) for vinyl playback. So many things right for me this setup does. Lucky to have these.


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