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My DIY heavy plinth Lenco idler drive. It sports a larger, tight tolerance stainless bearing, Phoenix Engineering power supply (25 watt) controlled by RoadRunner tach, 33 and 45 speeds at push of button. Advanced Analog MG-1 air bearing linear tonearm. AT33PTG/II LOMC, Park's Audio Budgie SUT, BottleHead Eros phono pre. It punches way past its cost.

Painted in Cadillac Black clear coat. Sides are Maple wrapped, Walnut corner accents. Eros has custom Walnut base. Compressor mounted in basement. Key fob remote control turns compressor on/off. Air line run through wall, exits media plate with push-lock fitting. It was designed for pivoted arm, but a great deal came up on a lightly used MG-1. I added arm board off rear as I did not want arm at front of table if it had been mounted at pivoted position.


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Hey NormB:
That's an impressive setup. I've listened to the Benz,the SME and the Thorens, all separately. The combination must be exquisite.
Cheers; Glenn

Oh... The blue tack shows class ; )

Heh-heh… blue tack was holding down stylus cleaner, sweeper, moved around after.

It. Sounds. Awesome.

l listened to Fripp & Eno’s No Pussyfooting‘s “Heavenly Music Corporation (1973 LP) last night. Heard ONE dust particle pop early on, otherwise not a bit of surface noise.

I’ve had that LP since the first week it came out. It just keeps getting better. This beats the heck outta the CD but I can’t play it backwards.
It was a challenge to get things proper with this table. So, number one>> the cueing had a problem making it stick halfway down and then drop! the needle in the groove. Big bounce. Nice. So finally, after very close observation I saw that part of the cueing mechanism was sticking on the round shaft to the right of the cueing lobe only to release after a certain height was reached. Used a very thin brass spacer to move the cylinder out from the lobe. Number two>> The on/off switch on the rear of the deck is a very bad choice of placement. Made a little switch box of my own and mounted where it made sense on the side of the shelf that the TT sets on. Three>> Still haven't tackled the VTA adjustment. Another bad choice made from the manufacturer. The first owner has stripped the nylon gear (should be brass!) on the adjustment knob. Schiit will only repair if I send the TT to them. Not happening. Don't know anyone who can replicate the gear in brass and attach it for me. Any ideas?


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This is an updated photo of the TT sitting on a wall shelf (VERY heavy duty, and improved greatly the negative effect of footfalls). What I have not photographed successfully is the remake of the phono RCA output. I wanted to go to the DIN output instead. This was more work than it was worth, but once there, it will stay this way. I used a solid block brass to accept the DIN plug. It didn't turn out glorious, but at least it is on the backside of the TT.

>>>>>>>>>> Wonder if anyone has advice about the azimuth adjustment of a unipivot arm.<<<<<<<<<<<<

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