Pictures of your diy Pass amplifier

Mini Aleph, designed by Mr. Erdal Turkekul. Its working with 19v dual smps. Simple, compact and inexpensive. But its sound is not.


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I spent several days testing out my latest build (very nice transformer-coupled input class-d amps) to find a nice balance of energy consumption and heat versus sound quality during warmer weather months and was quite pleased.

However, I just switched back to my most recent class A build (F5 with 2SK1530 / 2SJ201), and am convinced that I am a class A diva. Oh my, it just sounds so enveloping and lush. All you Pass sub-forum nerds know what I’m talking about. We love it.

And with new projects on the way, there is no end in sight to this hedonistic audio indulgent exploration. Humongous thanks to Nelson and the other giants in this forum for keeping us interested and experimenting. Big fun.


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I’d say the difference is between being in the recording booth listening to musicians versus Matthew Correia of the Allah-Las hitting the ride cymbal IN MY LIVING ROOM IN FRONT OF ME.

Vive le classe A.

Life is short. If you have the means, burn kWh for always-on amplifier transistors. :cool:
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My new project the tiny Amp Camp Amp. powered by linear PSU in seperate chassis. PCB is my design to allow bigger part. I change input coupling cap from original design electrolytic to Film cap.
It sing wonderfully.



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Okey that sounds good, remember that you will need both warm air outlets and cold air inlets in order to get a properly working cooling solution. As you know, warm air rises.

On really hot summer days, if you maby finds that the amlifier temp gets a little bit to high, you could even tilt the amp on its side, to get the chimney effect between the heatsinks when the hot air rises: Extra cooling power.

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Yea, but facts simply are facts. All over the globe. 🙂👍

The science and the physics at work when in comes to amplifier cooling is exactly the same in the Land Of The Vikings as in Thailand.

That much is true! In fact, convection is improved by proper placement when dealing with 2 Mosfets. All my Class A and AB builds have implemented that to great effect.

But it’s funny nonetheless!

Hi.I will build class A pass amplifiers like F5 and Aleph J but i need cnc cad files for top and bottom plates which have ventilation holes.I want to make different size nice enclosures.Does anyone have some files and can share? Anodising company cuts 1000x2000mm 2mm thick aluminium sheet but need some files.Any help will be highly appriciated.Thanks in advance.
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I added local capacitance and proper Powercon input connectors to my Amp+PowerSupply combo. Still gotta terminate the load end of my umbilical cables, but I’ve run out of steam for tonight. Time for a picture and sleep. :snail:


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