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PeeCeeBee Preamplifier GB

Test only headamp
Bass strong,many details. Sound is perfect.
Bias 365mA
Offset 2mV


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Try to cover this exposed metal with a piece of tape, it carries the Live connection! :up:

The build was paused for lack of time as too many projects were on hand.
little progress i made last week... hole for Signature pot drilled, protective shield placed over PSU.

Will start hook up of wiring once i drill the output RCA holes.



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Has finished building the preamp, and adjusted up according to the setup. Runs this up against the amplifier V4H. Sound image feels perfect, no noise or hum.
The first picture is of the preamp inside and other pictures show the front. Some finishing touches remain for the surface of the front plate.
The preamp is set up with Muses72320 remote-controlled volume control, which also has relay cards for inputs and outputs.