NAD C316 BEE Bad channel can it be the relay?

It's always good to eliminate possible causes, but in this case it seems the relay has already been eliminated by replacement.

The headphones output is wired directly to the speaker output with just a voltage divider (R183, R188, R283 and R288) between it and the headphones. This means that the headphones cannot be affected by a bad speaker relay, but it also means it is not protected by it.
Is there a tone defeat switch?
Those can make noise.
Some nad has impedance and a bridge swith on the back panel.
Should be cleaned and operated a few times....
There is a tone defeat switch on the front panel, and I agree that this must also be eliminated as a possible cause.
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Switching it in and out a couple of times may already make a difference. If so, then yes, go ahead and clean it.
I used to have a Marantz amp with a mechanical source selector. It needed to be operated regularly or else oxidation would occur and create similar problems to your's.
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Hi there again. So then a bit of an update. I removed the Tone Defeat switch, gave it a good old clean out. Before replacing it I tried the amp without it in and the distortion in the right channel is still there. The swith actually looked really clean as well. So I think its something else.

What would be the next thing to check

Don't forget that earlier you indicated the amp entered protection mode. I don't believe a noisy pot or switch would provoke that, but an intermittent solder joint might. Try poking, tapping, pressing with a wooden chopstick or similar tool to induce noise.
Ive decided to order a new Tone Defeat switch but the original part (SPUN19700) I cant find anywhere. I can find alternatives, 191400 and 191600...

They are both latching switches, 6 pin but im a little unsure if they would work as i obviously cant find the original spec of the original part so cant compare it?

Any advice here would be superb

Thanks again