NAD C316 BEE Bad channel can it be the relay?

Good day everyone, this is my first post here so hoping that some more knowledgeable person knows a little more than I do.

I have a NAD C316 BEE. One of the speaker channels is super crackly.

I have plugged my headphones into the system and both channels are working fine. This led me to believe that it is probably the relay that has broken being the last thing between the headphones and the speakers. Maybe I am wrong?

I have tried tapping the relay lightly but to no avail.

IF it is the relay I can probably change it myself as I have had a little experience with renovating a 1960's B&O Beogram 1200 and plenty of soldering there.

I have attacehd an image of the relay. Would someone be able to:

1. tell me if it could be somehting else other than the relay?
2. If it sounds like the relay, (happy to change as they are cheap) but point me to an appropriate replacement, there are so many variations out there. I have managed to find similar ones, same Vdc, 8A etc but then all the talk of pins got mea little confused.

Im based in Sweden so any European online store would work well.

Thanks in advance for all your help.



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am I correct in thinking that as its a 2 FROM A it has the correct amount of pins?
I also had a reply from another company suggesting these parts, but they said they would work if I was willing to modify the unit...
I believe those relays Mouser suggested should work, and you can measure the relay pin distances if that agrees with the datasheet.

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 09-27-32 nad_c316bee_sm.pdf.png

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 22-01-04 PR21-12V-400-2A Datasheet - Power Relays CUI Devices - pr21-...png
Thats fantastic thanks for all your help. It seems a waste to throw away a perfectly good amp for the sake of a part costing a few dollars.

Ill make the order today and hope it all works out which I am sure it will do.
Once again thanks for your time and input. Wishing you a great weekend.

All the best
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Hi there, so then, just a little update. I ordered the part from the US, installed it and I am still recieving lots of distortion from the right channel. the left channel works great so I am thinking that I have installed the part correctly and that the part works. But also leads me to believe that the problem wasnt the relay in the first place. But good to check these things anyway.

Just to recap, I can hear both channels clearly through my headphones. Hence leading me to the relay. If it isnt the relay could there be anything else that is causing the distortion?. Could it be the actual Right challel binding post itself?

Thanks guys
Coil data says it's 1440 Ω so at 35 V (not 24 V) that's 24 mA of current to be switched by the headphone jack switch. I don't see how that could damage it. And there's a 1N4148 across the coil to suppres voltage spikes.
Edit: I just noticed there's also 510 Ω in series with the coil making the current closer to 18 mA.
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