Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi


However, my usb controls seem a little flakey still. I'm using a raspberry pi pico with circuitpython in consumer control HID mode. I'm wondering if it has to do with the REPL and CDC being active in composite with the HID. I'll write a boot script to shut the REPL and CDC off and see if that has any effect when I get a chance.
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2003-05-03 12:45 pm
Hello. I'm new on this thread... Tried to register to MoOde forum but it doesn't accept new registrations for now.
Anyway, I've somehow managed, with my totally "crippled" knowledge of linux and compiling, to build MPD with support for sacd ISO and DVD-Audio ISO...
I can post mpd and config here if that's OK and if there's enough interest.
Thanks. I know this may not be the place to ask this but it's sheer curiosity of a fellow programmer :) While trying to solve the SMB issue I wrote above (which made me think it's time to upgrade my router, although my botch job seems to be working) I found some things that made me think Moode uses some sort of x86/Win emulation. Are there forks of Twister OS inside it? (am a happy Twister OS user too). Sorry if this is off-topic.
Twister OS is a RPi OS fork with pre-installed/configured x86 emulation using Box86/Wine. It works incredibly well. I found the path inside Moode where the playlist from NAS sources is stored in /media/twister/home/pi/.wine/drive_c/users/pi/Application Data/Winamp and thought that'd be too much of a coincidence :)

Thanks for the github link but am I mistaken thinking that Moode wasn't open source from the beginning or is it a false memory? I have to admit I haven't watched any of the official Moode forums since the update to 8.0.0.

moOde 8.0.2 is available for download and in-place update. Visit the Forum for more information.



2008-08-21 11:12 am
Hi Tom I have downloaded and installed moOde 8.0.2. Why is it not possible to connect the USB input to NAS Synology. And also there is no way to connect the output to the DAC.
What is it you are trying to achieve ?
A NAS is "Network Attached" so why are you wanting a USB connection ?
For output to DAC have you read the 'Quick Help" in the main MoOde menu ?
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But thats not what you said, you stated the NAS was to be connected via USB, hence our confusion as to exactly what you are trying to accomplish.
Many NAS units have a USB port to add an external drive. Maybe he thought he could connect the Pi to that? Both the NAS and the Pi are USB hosts, so obviously this couldn’t work, but this may be where the confusion arose.

To @Lexxz: the NAS connects over the network, see the documentation on mounting a SAMBA share and adding it to the library. Your DAC plugs directly to a USB port on the Pi.
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