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Mad About Sound

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Colin said:
I'd be interested. Might be logical to offer the larger one as you already sell a toroid to suit.


Speaking of toroid i have a contact that im willing to share with.. i bought 3 16-0-16 @ 300va primary @ 115ac for 40$ each brand new never used from a guy if any one is interested in the contact let me know..



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After a long wait, some of the heatsinks have arrived so hopefully I can get some chassis' made and available on the website.

Any preferences or ideas you would like to see then let me know ;) At the moment I just want to make them as simple as possible like TATCA was. Some prototype ideas to follow...


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The best thing to do is test it. It might be acceptable depending on your soundcard. I never managed to get good results, even with a fairly good soundcard, which is why I had the PCB's and kits made.

Here's some info: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=40912

I find the preamp especially handy for portable recording to the laptop (which defintely has crappy mic input), or with non-pc recording equipment.
For most measurements, stereo inputs are necessary. Most mic inputs are mono only, and not all software allows you to use different inputs combined. For in/mic dual purpose inputs, if you set the gain to mic gain, the other input channel will have too much gain for normal signals. If you don't activate mic gain, the mic level is way too small.
will you ever be offering a whole kit for an amplifier?


Chip pcb etc
power supply
speaker terminals, inputs, volume knob etc

or even all the bits seperatly?

looking to build a 3 box amplifier, pre, power and psu on the cheap to drive my CSS FR125's in a sealed enclosure from a single source.
(prefably the pre amp is quite small so it can sit on my desk)
I'm putting together a "plus" kit at the moment which will include some of the additional items required to build the chip amp kits. It will include:

- Phono connectors
- Amp chassis binding posts
- Toroidal transformer
- PCB fixing screws and spacers
- Heatsinks
- Fused and switched IEC mains connector
- Potentiometer

There's no immediate plan for a chassis at the moment.

Price to be decided. First kit should be available in a week.
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