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Kubelik NOS DAC kits

Awesome, thanks loads for your help, that was great.
So, should I now reverse all of the changes I made at the beginning?

Remove the wires, the short, replace the removed components and opamps?

It sounds interesting already and it is being powered from my (fairly cheap) bench power supply and I have wires criss crossing each other everywhere.
Ah, I see.
I thought this was a test to find what I fried and then replace it then return to its original form.

I also would like to know the comparison :)
I didn't get a single note from it before it ftsssded
I shall make another one at some point and compare for sure.

Even with it powered from my bench power supply and with the fan going from that, I do like the sound.
I don't know what words to use to compare it to my Khadas Tone Board.
I am looking forward to getting a proper psu sorted (i broke the regulator as well :( )
I have some salvaged LM317s.

Anyway, I like it for sure.
It makes me smile. It is kind of a fuller sound. More depth or something. Clearer but warmer.

When I get a chance, I will see if I can work out a method of quickly swapping back and forth from the KTB to this.
I won't be putting it in permanently, that is for sure. This is definitely nicer.

Right, power for it. Then I really must get on with improving speakers.

Thanks loads for your everything. Designing, making it available, organising the kit, the price, the guide, the lovely labelling AND your help when I mess it up. All that and I get a nicer sound.
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