KEF LS60 Wireless - Finally! a buzzword compliant wireless speaker that I would buy

No the Kef's
Ah yes.

KEF should make wall mounts that allow adjustable toe-in and distance from front wall:

We don’t need a single child getting injured or killed from a falling TV or speaker.

I'm not looking to do gloss, but that satin/matte finish of these speakers. I really like that look. I could do vinyl wrap but then you have seams.
oh Satin is much easier-

a few (2-3) coats of sealer, a few coats of pigmented lacquer, then finished off with some clear coats of two pack lacquer, sanded lightly between coats.

The more finer sanding and the more coats give the gloss finish.

A hiking/camping tent is good/cheap way way to keep paint out of your work area. Wear glasses and nose/mouth protection.

Perhaps I miscommunicated.

I mean- after you read that review, and perusing the nearfield frequency response and CTA/CEA2010 SPL readings, were you impressed with it's performance? What did you think?

I have a B&W PV1D; I sent it on long term loan to family member prior to my most recent move.
I think it clocks in at 85dB for 20Hz based on CEA2010. Not sure if you're familiar with this one- but it's dual opposed 8" woofers with 400W Hypex 400MP driving it (I've disassembled mine).

This is what the LS60 will achieve with quad 5.25" woofers- SPL limit of [email protected] So I'm glad it will be more capable than the KC60.

I just don't think dual 6.5" is enough wooferin, for subwooferin'. But that's all relative.

It may be well suited for smaller rooms eg 10-20M^2.
Home-office, and near-field listening (eg. subwoofer under a desk) paired to a small coaxial eg. LS50.

I'm not sure it's ground-breaking for a 10" cube.
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I haven’t gotten all the way thru it yet. Will comment once i wade thru it.

I don’t often listen with subs, my current ones hold up my equipement rack. 25 Hz is nice, 2 x 6.5” A12pw do a fine job for even fairly loud levels in my room. 35 Hz (sufficient for most needs, 4 x 5.25” and 2 x 4”), the smaller 4” don’t do as well if you crank it.

If i wan’t an atmosphere generator for HT i’d want at least 2 x 10” push-push sealed subs with DSP software that helps deal with the room.

But i am not much into that. I do have the drivers (sans boxes) and amps but no DSP.

My listening space for reference.


For a DIY focussed design, that can be replicated or spare parts later available i think I have to give up on Tymphany. Clearly moving with the times eg. Excellent full rangers and small woofers but availability too spotty. They switched to Digikey for global distribution in 2018 but now looks like that’s drying up as well. I have no idea what their plans are.

SB Acoustics Facebook page looks like they’re continuing to expand their global distribution and expanding their growth and DIY builder base.

Maybr they will put some metal cones on their Satori drivers and put some better soft parts in their basic range, but I’m not hoping my breath.
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2009-11-24 8:39 pm
I've been looking at two 10" shallow mount woofers instead of a quad of smaller drivers. Some one earlier mentioned the SB Acoustics SW26SFC38-4 10" woofer. The price is right at $100, but it only has 3.5 mm Xmax. The upside is a 2.83V sensitivity of 92 dB. It's a 4 ohm (DCR = 3.5 R) driver and I simulated two in series. In a 30 L sealed box (I estimated the LS60 cabinet to be 32-35 liters) it has a Qtc of 0.725 and a F3 of 67 Hz. With a Linkwitz Transform (LW) set to Fp = 40 Hz and Q = 0.707 the F3 is 40 Hz, F6 is 31 Hz and F10 is 23 Hz. At 50 W the output is 99.5 dB and maximum excursion is 3.2 mm. So this might work. It has a mounting depth of 70.75 mm (2.78") which would be reduced to 55.25 mm (2.17") if flush mounted on 3/4" thick walls.

I also simulated the Peerless by Tymphany GBS-250F38CP01-04 shallow mount woofer. This is the bigger 10" brother to the 8" woofer that Zvu linked to. The price is ~$80 (Digikey says "available to order", but "request stock notification") and Xmax is 6 mm. It is also a 4 ohm driver (DCR = 3.45 R) so I simulated two in series. In a 30 L sealed box it has a Qtc of 0.682 and a F3 of 67 Hz. With a Linkwitz Transform (LW) set at 40 Hz and Q = 0.707 it has the same F3, F6 and F10 as the SB driver. At 150 W the output is 103.8 dB and maximum excursion is 5.8 mm. So this should work too. It has a mounting depth of only 40.3 mm (1.59") which would be reduced to ~24.8 mm (< 1") if flush mounted on 3/4" thick walls.

If you want to go all out look at the SB Acoustics SW26DBAC76-4 10" shallow mount woofer. It is much more capable than the other two. But at $295 per woofer it should be. But then again, you're trying to duplicate a $7K speaker so that may be what it takes.


2011-04-08 5:12 pm
Here is a 2nd version of my paper LS60 clone. The width is now 150mm, just enough to fit the SICA 5.5" coax. The woofers are Faital Pro 5FE120. A line of 8 5FE120s has been added to the rear of the cabinet to act as subs from 100 Hz down. The F3 with 12 5.5" woofers is in the low 30's at 105 db SPL. There is plenty of volume inside for all the woofers; no panel area for a plate amp however. The 5FE120 has a unit price of $45 at Parts Express and an Xmax of 5.3 mm


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2011-04-08 5:12 pm
If I were going to use just two drivers I would put them on the front baffle MTM style. Using the sides is a way to get 4 drivers equidistant and at lower CTC. How close you can get them depends upon how much of a rear chamber the coax's mid needs. A single driver per side would have less vertical directivity within its bandwidth. Side drivers increase the horizonal directivity. Front/MTM woofers do not unless you add resistive side vents for cardioid-like response.


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2009-10-13 2:43 am
This can be seen as a modified D'appolito configuration: the point is to simulate a 'point source' behavior mainly. It helps mitigate floor/ceiling bounce with it's symmetrical vertical behavior.

Check for 'Tysen' by Planet10. It is what you describe with only one pair of drivers. If crossed over low enough the full range ( or coax) /woofer can be located close enough to seems to behave as one and only driver ( centre to center distance at 1/4 wavelength of cutoff freq). With small drivers something in the 250/400hz vicinity.