JLH Class A headphone amplifier

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Always start to populate pcb from smaller/lower components (resistors, IC) to bigger (electrolytic capacitor, radiators, etc.)
Hello .. yep I know that (y) as I have enough building experience to construct in any method or order of procedure that I feel like
But for me building electronic circuits since the age of 15 I am confident to make how I like in my workshop and what ever takes my fancy on the day etc
But do agree this is the best advice and best practice :)

But in my work shop I have no rules .. except good practice for safety etc
and SMD is banned or kept at a minimum if I can help it
all the best :)
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anyway some of my other construction skills .. purely done by feel and the good old fashion eye ball
A EL34 valve power amp one channel shown as they are mono-blocks

1st 15w in pure class A

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few more pics of my progress for the JLH class A headphone Amplifier


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and the B184B and 2 power transistors with heatsinks fully mounted (all matched) just waiting for some more components to arrive from RS and Rapid .. plus mouser etc


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Hello gang

headphone amp nearly complete .. quick update on the main headphone amp


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I still have my original Chiara headphone amp /preamp. I built mine when the kit was first published. I used original PCB from JLH kit. The 2 cases on the top shelf are JLH Chiara Headphone / preamp and power supply installed in my DIY cases.. The two items below it are a pair of ESP Audio P3A power amp mono blocks again in my DIY cases. I am a retired Electrical technician I used to work at a very large Pharmaceutical site in UK. All the enclosure heatsinks were made using materials from scrap Motor Drive VSD cabinets the rest of the aluminium came from scrap production machinary.


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Hello penn07

Many thanks for posting .. great post this is exactly how I make my amps, always trying to reuse big heatsinks from old equipment
I love the Chiara its a great headphone amplifier that is why I invested lots of man hours to reproduce the pcbs's etc with new gerber files
would love some internal pics if possible

all the best :)