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Ian asynchronous I2S and S/PDIF FIFO KIT group buy

Hi Ian, Hi everybody
I made a mistake :eek::eek:. Changing a battery on my LifePO4 mkII, i inverted the polarity of the battery in the BT6 position (i saw some sparks but nothing more).
Now when I turn on the system i have the correct voltage on J1 and J2 (i'm using the system with 4 battery but i'm using only J1 and J2)
when I turn off the system and it goes in "charging" mode, the BT6 doesn't charge the battery.
All other 3 batteries are charged properly.
the problem is that if battery BT6 is below the threshold, the system charges the other batteries continuously without interrupting (and therefore overcharges them).
If I remove the battery BT6 (to try to use the system only with the other 3 battery, BT7, BT5 and BT2) the voltage meter on the board measures around 2V, and so again try to overcharge the battery.
I suppose I burned something but I don't know what.
Can you suggest me something to control or to change on the board ?
There is another way to avoid using the BT6 battery ?

Thanks in advance