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Ian asynchronous I2S and S/PDIF FIFO KIT group buy

GB2023 will be stated very soon. Thank you for your patience.

2023-06-11 9:43pm
Ian GB2023 for SC-Pure, FifoPiQ7, UcPure MkIII and so on

If you want to join this GB2023, Please just put your ID and items to the interesting list at the end of this thread so that I can reserve the GB products for you. Of course you have no problem to cancel your items if you change your mind later because it’s just an interesting list.

*Note2: This post will be kept continuously updated for new information, so please come back often to check.

Normally I run a group buy (GB) every two years. 2023 is a very special year. COVID is gone, and I have a lot of great products released/upgraded or to be released. So, I think it's time to prepare for the new possible GB2023.

As usual,to express my thanks to diyAudio community members for their long time support, I’ll offer a one time 10% discount during the GB2023 run time window.

Some items are already released and available, you can buy them now by sending me the order form back to me if you don’t want to wait for the GB2023 discount.
All items will be listed here: https://github.com/iancanada/DocumentDownload

Here are the GB2023 new products (partly):

. SC-PURE 22.5792 / 24.5760 / 45.1584 / 49.1520 MHz
. RFX OCXO 45.1584 / 49.1520 MHz, Adapter KIT, SquarePi KIT
. FifoPiQ7
. FifoPiMa
. TransportPi AES
. HdmiPi Pro
. TransportPi Digi
. UcPureMkIII
. UCbalancer KIT
. LinearPi MkII
. PurePi
. UcPi
. UcConditioner MKII 5V and 3.3V
. MonitorPi
and MonitorPiPro
. ES9038Q2M DAC MkII
. OPA861 I/V
. StationPi SMT
. StationPi Pro
. ShieldPi Pro/MKII
. GPIO extender

stuffs (partly):
. StationPi PCB (limited stock)

Other old products can also be found here: https://github.com/iancanada/DocumentDownload
My twitter: https://twitter.com/iancanadaTT

Streamer solution

SC-PURE0 by Ian, on Flickr

FifoPiQ7_0 by Ian, on Flickr

UcPureMkIII by Ian, on Flickr

TransportPiAES by Ian, on Flickr

HdmiPiPro by Ian, on Flickr

PhaseNoiseComparison by Ian, on Flickr

OCXO_RFX_Audio by Ian, on Flickr

UcBalancer0 by Ian, on Flickr

LinearPiMkIIDual by Ian, on Flickr

OPA861_1 by Ian, on Flickr

GPIOextender1 by Ian, on Flickr

MonitorPiPro0 by Ian, on Flickr

ES9038Q2MDMII by Ian

ReceiverPiDDC by Ian

DAC solutions


  • ScPureDatasheet.pdf
    491.9 KB · Views: 176
  • MonitorPiPro.pdf
    1.3 MB · Views: 87
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wow Ian, and guys, having one of these sets here, i can say without bias that is a pretty excellent price! the boards are very high quality, better than most of the kits here. just the spdif input board is the best i have seen and that price is better than un-assembled lesser kits elsewhere that are not as complete. the i2s fifo has no competitors that i know of. for full disclosure i havent tested mine out yet, just admired it and it was a generous gift from Ian, so keep that in mind.

snap them up while you can imo
having seen the boards, i dont think that is a wise idea to try to solder yourself and good luck getting the parts for that pricing.

@ Algar_emi this 2 cables is just for spdif? 2 cables wont do all that much to help with i2s connection unless you are just using them for mclk and nothing else
Is it possible to purchase an unpopulated kit?

Hi necplusultra

Very good question. I understand what you mean. Just let me explain why I couldn’t just supply the empty PCB and components.

Different from those discrete 74 logic boards which you could test point to point by yourself, the FIFO board has all the logic state machines running at decades of MHz inside the FPGA/CPLD. Even though you could solder those SMT components with perfect, you still have to face the problems of ISP and testing. For example, the on-board FIFO memory has 4 megabit cells, if some of them have reading or writing glitch occasionally, you might be noticed something wrong by listening, but you can’t address it.

Beside the FIFO board, another FPGA based dedicated test board was designed at same time. That test board could takes over all the input and out ports of the FIFO KIT, scan all the functions and cells by performing loop testing to make sure everything is good with bit perfect, as well as the S/PDIF board and the clock board. All of the boards for the group buy have to pass that test before delivery. Otherwise, it would be a big trouble for both of us. :)

Have a good night! Regards,

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