How much Multi-Way is too much?


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
Every now and then I find some extravagant use of drivers and I feel the need to share. I'm not talking about users with 4 way or 5 way systems, or line arrays at all. I mean makers who should have been arrested for not stopping when they should have. Take this beautiful, and yet so wrong example from a Japanese web site!


With all those sectional units he/she didn't even bother to time align them! Ugh! I want to break into their home and "fix" it. :)

I know some are wondering "Why isn't Erik posting a pic of the Beolab 90?" Well, I've decided I was just being a bully and that I need to encourage the nice people at B&O to seek professional help instead of mocking them at every opportunity. Also, I just ordered a trio of their ICEpower amps for my home theater, so it seems hypocritical somehow.
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