HIP4080 amp - EVO 2200.1

I have a 4558 only, the parts I ordered will arrive next week.

I think I'm reading the circuit incorrectly.

the 17358(A in attached pic) in question is CA3290 connected to the CD4013 on the diagram FP900. B is the only other 17358

my amp has 2x TL084cn as per below

audio is present on below yellow dots marked on the TL084s

the yellow arrow is where the trace connects into the circuit
What pin of what IC is driving the clock terminal of the 4013?

Load the FET locations (gate to source) where you're measuring the signal with a 0.01uF film capacitor and post the gate signals. You may have to install a jumper from the drain to source of the low-side FET to get an accurate waveform.

You only posted for 2 banks. Post the signals for all 4 banks.