Hifonics BRX 3016.1 D Brutus

Yes, i want to replace it
Perry i have the oportunity of buying a scope is a goldstar 20 mhz, this scope is useful enough,, i want to see the drive audio signal and the triangular signal


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i m back again with this amp, now that i got the owon scope, can you comment what do you think i posted a pic from the signal of the psu i do not see a problem with it.
ihave +85 and minus 85 volts in rails i

In the output section i got

in the negative rail gate=-85.3 volts drain 0,03 volt and source -85.7
positive rail gate=-0.4 volts Drain =85.8 volts source 0.034 volts
the values are with no mosfets installed

i injected a sine wave 40 hz in the audio input in attemp to start oscillation, with no succes

i tried to measure switching signal , there is no signal in the gates i measure other pins and got only the dc voktage of the rails in the pins a said before

i think the next step is replace the switching Ic.



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something weird is happening, i inject the 40 hz signal and i am able to trace it a the pin 5 of the 4558d with the amp off, but as soon as i turn on the amp i lost that signal, instead i got oscilation between 300 to 1 khz, tihs strange signal is present at the input rcas, it seems that this signal overlap the 40 hz signal, when i turn off the amp the 40 hz is there, the same with the channel Rigth i trace the signal and is present in pin 3 of the same op amp, but i lost it with the amp is on.