Full Range EQ

Thread's gone a little quiet so time for a couple of questions!. Firstly I assume that the values of C5 and C6 are 10uF and 1000uF? Secondly the pdf says that the high or low filter sections can be disabled, how is that achieved? Further to this would it be possible to switch the high filter on or off on the hoof somehow?
Just had a demo of a pair of Cube Audio Jazzon and Nenuphar - pretty similar level of performance to be honest, with the Nenuphar having an smidge more polish, detail and soundstage - but I would happily go for the F10 select given the cost/benefit ratio.

The F10 Select driver holds a lot of promise, detailed, dynamic, it does bass and has great width/height to the soundstage. But it was (for me) shouty and lacked soundstage depth because it was so forward in the vocal region. This was the same with two different amplifiers a 300b and an Enleum/Bakoon.

If the FR was equalised, and the presence region pushed back into the mix, then would this add depth to the soundstage as well as taming it shouty nature?

It’s a very tempting solution, but I still wonder if EQ is enough to ‘do the trick’ of righting the wrongs of a full range driver of if so should just stick with point source, but using multiple drivers…