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Frugel-Horn Mk3 flat-paks


2009-01-27 12:58 pm
Frugal Horn Mk3 in Australia

I do know that he was working on getting Alpair7 FH3 proto together. He is watching this thread, expect him to contact you.

The FH3 sounds like it satisies your criteria... particularily with Alpair7, CHP70, or EL70. All available from Darcher Audio in Tasmania.

Thanks for the information. Yes, I've tracked down darcher audio. How does one make a choice between the Mark Audio drivers? What are the relative strengths?

The first Australian FH3 flat-packs will be available in the next week or so, planning to run a few in 18mm ply on Saturday with driver cutouts to suit Alpair 7 and CHP\CHR-70.

Thanks. Sent a PM.

I have the 1st 3 sets here to finish shipping prep, and sufficient at the shop to fill all current orders. Chris has a pic of the 1st set in the inner box.

Chris did a couple tricks on these that are quite elegant, and him & Tak did their best to grain match the baffles and (seperately) grain match the sides.

We'll be doing a mock assembly with pictures next week.

The 1st flat-pak went out today -- behind expectations but a start. I will be working to catch up. Chris & i went thru and sorted and prepared sets today. A few more baffles need to be made (to accomodate the actual driver distribution as opposed to our inital guess).

Here with Bonita (the pro) and Tiffany (the trainee)


Trivia: Each flat-pak eats up about 2 1/2 rolls of packing tape.

More: If we made these with all 18mm they would exceed the max dimension allowed.