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Frugel-Horn Mk3 flat-paks

Note: 15-july-2018.
With Chris’ retirement we no longer have access to the shop, so barring some new, different arrangements we are suspending flat-pk manufacture.

I do have some stock of small flat-paks.


07-august-16 we are more or less in continuous production, Price is still $290/pr USD for FH3 flat-paks.
The larger Frugel-Horn XL flat-paks are also slowly starting to flow, Price is $390/pr USD. 1st shipments of Frugel-Horn Lite are underway. There is still often a queue.

We have reached 100 flat-paks with very few issues. None have been damaged in shipping or lost.

All have shipped to North America (with a couple pair off to the other side of the Pacific compliments of the US Military). I will ship overseas but the pain of cost of shipping will be high.

Flat-paks include precut cabinet panels of 15mm maple veneered quality plywood, with an 18mm baffle (rebated and dadoed, all angles cut for easy assembly). drivers (optional, 10% discount if bought with flat-pak), terminals (5-way posts, 2" hole, good for sonics, tight for fat fingers, damping, wire (24g copper (from CAT5 cable)) for a pair of speakers. You will need to provide glue, screwdriver, soldering iron, drill & need to finish them. Clamps are useful & recommended, but a slow methodical assembly can usually be done with tape (masking usually -- anything that leaves a residue should be avoided)

Standard rebates for Fostex FE126 (FE127 & FF125wk) Mark Audio CHR/CHP/EL70, Alpair 7, or blank. One went out for FE108eS so that can be ordered. Others. We'll try (really helps to have a driver on hand to do it).

Here is Chris doing a mock assembly: Frugel-Horn Mk3 Flat-Pak Mock Assembly Instructions



I've borrowed Colin's (aka Toppsy) pictures of his lovely build as examples. From the flat-pak you can build something broadly similar, we have round terminal cups that we like bettr than Colin's and the optional outriggers we have are a little different.


Maximum shipping in Canada or USA for the flat-pak alone (no drivers) will be ~$130 to Florida. Package is 98x52x18 cm and 25.5 kg.

Postage quotes

We are encouraging local manufacturers to start providing these so that shipping does not skew the value. Speakers & flat-paks have/are made in Europe. Unfortunately the Australian flat-pak maker is no longer in production.

eMail me if interested.

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Some pictures of the prototype flat-pak




Changes in the production flat-paks:
1/ baffles will be 18mm instead of 15mm
2/ the little piece will have a round-over instead of a champher
3/ the sides, top, & bottom will be extended 3mm so that the top back corner of the side with the rebates doesn't blow out.


Here it is all packaged up -- needs one more layer of cardboard (20" iMac as size reference). It will need to be a bit thicker to accomodate drivers if purchased with the flat-pak.

I'll take this down to the post office Wed and then i'll be able to figure out actual shipping costs.

I got the packaged flat-pak doen to the post office and weighed this last week. Heavier than i guessed -- guess was basd on FH1, Simplier did not counter taller, deeper, thicker wood as much as i thought it would.

Here is insured postage to a selection of North America (in CAD$) This does not include additional postage from drivers & their insurance:

(edit: these quotes are turning out to be too optimistic, but will hold until the 2nd run) 06 jun 11

Contact me for a quote.