Eminence NSW6021 21" sub users - which amp are you using?

That's what I'm afraid of....took all the power available to get something impressive from them. 80-120hz kick isn't there. Below 60hz is strong with the amp nearing clipping.

I still have four 18PS76 which sound very good above 40hz in the same boxes. Was planning to use them in smaller "kick" boxes anyways but I was expecting better upper bass from the NSW.
I’m resurrecting this thread to ask a similar question. I need 2 x 1000 wpc minimum into 4 ohms for sub duties. I already own an old Crown K2 which which would give me plenty of power for 1 channel if I use it in bridged mode, so I could just try and find a second one. However in terms of sound quality would I better buying a more modern pro amp (eg XTi 4002) ?
•Overall, this was a really worthwhile exercise and made a big SQ difference IMO - a surprising amount frankly. I may just be fooled by the lack of output, but we will see. In playing some music through it without the mains on, I could just tell that everything was a tighter right up to 85-90hz or so, then I started hearing the discoloration again..

I missed this thread when it originally went around.

The frequency response graphs posted with the quoted comment on page 2 explain the issue in my opinion. There are significant dips in the response at 40-50Hz and a major one right in the typical crossover region as well as significant response roughness above 40Hz in general. The majority of bass content is in this region. This was a room / sub placement issue. In my experience a modern solid state amplifier will have a negligible influence on the bass sound unless it is running into output limitations. Room acoustics are a much bigger more blatantly audible factor.

The complaint was about the SQ not overall output.

OP you would've been better off messing with placement and adding another sub or 2 in different locations to smooth the response versus switching to a more powerful and expensive amp.