DIY Class A/B Amp The "Wolverine" build thread

Hello guys
I finished building my AMP yesterday and I was brave enough to start in today. Unfortunately I could not get any sounds out of it :(
I used the SMPS Cobra-S2 from Microaudio but it seems to go directly into protect mode, at least the LED is red. Does anyone of you have an idea what I'm doing wrong?
Strangely enough, I got the channel that was connected incorrectly to run briefly. Then I unplugged the cables of the connector and plugged again because I thought maybe they are too loose on the other channel. I then checked both again but after that I had no sound on the briefly working channel.
I'll get to it tomorrow, today I'm done
I have heard the opposite.
I've heard that stacking them gives you the opportunity to rotate and flip them to reduce/cancel the noise and EMI

Twin Toroids
Yes, stacking them gives you the opportunity to cancel fields. I was surprised to see the data sheet where stacking was contra-indicated. It was only in one that I came across while looking at various transformer manufacturers. I cannot seem to find it again. My real point is to look at the manufacturer's data sheet carefully.
There are two possible reasons I can think of not to stack. One is the added torque on the longer mounting bolt. Second is the fact that stacking reduces the area through which heat can be dissipated. This latter is not likely to be a problem in use, but might show up during testing.