Caladan by Clayton Shaw DIY

Like this?
This is a very interesting thread which has got me considering building something again.
I don't think I've seen it posted, but what size baffle are people using.
In addition is there a dipole tweeter the could be used as a replacement for the Dayton Audio RST28F-4 1-1/8"?
Anyone actually got around to build this speaker with the passive crossover that can share how it worked out?

I think this speaker would fit perfect when looking at the WAF factor - size, looks and price are perfect and could easily be pushed against the wall when not in use. This is something I need to take into consideration but would of course want as good sound as possible,, but will not chase down the last few percentages if size, looks and price nevertheless will excludes it from being accepted.

I hope someone can give their opinion about the speaker using the passive crossover - I would be really happy.

First the angle, it is 45 degrees, the thickness of the baffle is 38 mm I made the 45 degree edge 28 mm deep but I think you better can stop at 25 mm, specially if you use MDF. Otherwise you you will have serious trouble with screwing the woofers to the baffle. You need to pre-drill the screws but not too big and not too small please test before drilling your baffle.

An alternative would be to use speaker cleats, which will move the screw holes into the baffle further away from the chamfer cuts.
I'm currently not building the Calandan, but doing a similar set of butcher block baffles with rear mounting drivers and front 45 degree chamfer cuts.

Using these (cut shorter) for the cleats:
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