Babelfish XA252 / Babelfish XA252 SIT / Babelfish XA252 SET

yes, for LSK, B Grade

that - if you plan to make your own pcbs

if you opt to take mine, you'll get smd JFets already soldered, no need to chase them

that's main intention of having those kits - to preserve energy level of regular Greedy Boy


was it just a trick question, just to poke me in early morning?

Sorry ... that was an attempt at humor ...

You are not wrong ... the "overly politically correct lobby" seems to have taken over the conversation everywhere. One of the "strengths" of ANZ in the past was our ability to "take the p1ss out of ourselves", but this appears to be being eroded.

ZM: should Omnimilitant ZM say - no XA252 to Ozyland?

I certainly hope not ... this would be a great disappointment !
:cheers: :rofl:

I got it as humorous write up, but couldn't resist - you just gave me a Innuendo for mild rant

anyhow, I still and always will believe in world where we can be Mates without necessity of mating, and where good intentions are rather implied than bad ones

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