B1 with Korg Triode

First B1K smd is great success as Borat would say 😁 Voltages are good, nutube lights up well, power on led is blinding to my camera and eyes, will deal with that tomorrow. This batch of jfe2140 gives 5mA with 100R (had these on hand) sR each (good little buggers). Should be good enough, might order resistors to bump it up to 6-7mA but don't think it will matter tbh. I'll pop more pictures during the day, or when i box it up during the week, and give listening impressions.

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I re-wired the thing this afternoon and it's all good. Very good in fact.
Iistening to a U2 cd and it's really enjoyable and I'm more of vinyl guy. New guitar parts coming through, good bass slam. A bigger, wider soundstage. Wow!

Big thanks to Papa Pass!

And thanks to ZM and ixnay for jumping in to help last night.
Right guys.

Ben, I will test the output. I'll have to check my resistor box and see what I have.

Vunce, yeah I suppose I could do that. Just disconnect one of the secondaries from the regulator board and make them safe. Then just use the +24v and corresponding ground.

Is that right?

Thank you. :0)
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Hi all, getting started on my second iteration (trying some upgrades). I’ve got a stash of vishay dale resistors, but they are all 1/8 watt. I read somewhere (here or another thread) that the 1/8 watt dales were “military spec,” and would really be 1/4 watt in any normal application. Is this true? If so, i assume they’d be good for the B1 K? Thanks in advance!