Asynchronous I2S FIFO project, an ultimate weapon to fight the jitter

This is my conclusion as well after years of testing this and just listening for me shows how critical a pre amp is in the audio chain
If I use professional monitors - Focal Audio A50 in my case - what does a separate preamp give me? I go from OPA861 analog XLR on my ian DAC to my powered A50s. Sounds incredible.

For volume I’m using MonitorPiPro to set level of my input (ie spidif or i2S). Is that a digital volume that degrades?

Is it better to set levels on MonitorPiPro to 0db - full volume or voltage - then go into separate pre amp like a topping pre90 or a tube preamp and then into the powered A50s?

The preamp will colour the sound and then I assume there is is « preamp » in the A50s and then it is a bi-amp for tweeter and mid/bass cones. Assuming preamp in A50s are designed to be transparent as possible.

But it gives me a post DAC analogue volume via the topping pre90 pre-amp.

I guess I would need to try it and see impact on sound.
For volume I’m using MonitorPiPro to set level of my input (ie spidif or i2S). Is that a digital volume that degrades?
this probably means that volume is attenuated in the digital domain via the ESS ship, its not the i2s or spdif that is attenuated but in the digital domain...
the thing with digital is that you can decrease volume but the noisefloor stays the same, so in effect you are reducing dynamic range

im not sure if a preamp does it much different (since it also has a analogue noise floor) but if we take a simple pot implementation this will reduce noisefloor and signal at the same time, so ideally the dynamic range gets preserved

like i said each device has a noisefloor, so you need a good preamp to really benefit but in theory its better than attenuating JUST the signal
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so the solution is to listen at full 0db volume without a pre-amp :ROFLMAO:
in theory that would be best, but i guess not for your ears :D

im also considering a preamp (using the software volume of my pc for convenience so far) to compare it

what you can do with your active speakers since they usually have a input gain knob....
1. turn your input gain knob all the way down
2. turn your digital volume all the way up
3. slowly turn the input gain knob till you reach a level that you wouldnt exceed ("max volume" so to speak)

this is how i do it currently (i have presonus eris e8 active speakers), this makes sure that the volume in the digital domain is "as high as possible" :)
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Interest product line purifi!

I am getting really loud (90db spls) with my Ian streamer and separate Ian DAC even at -14db on the ess chips with going direct into my focal audio a50 with for example van Morrison magic time ripped to FLAC from streamer.

For me it seems to be working fine with no preamp. I’d rather invest in clocks than a preamp i think.
I have a near perfect system I think. My Ian stack streamer and Ian stack DAC. Two issues that are minor and I’m looking for best solution.

1) I have a monitor pi in the streamer stack (for monitor function and IR remote with old silver Apple Remote. And I have MonitorPiPro on the DAC and use it for switching inputs and volume. Also the silver Apple Remote. How do I stop them from conflicting? When I up the volume on DAC Volumio on streamer skips forward. Do I need two different types of remote and put the different one in streamer? My DAC stack is PiLess.

2) pause or ´mute’. Fine with streamer but if playing a SPIDIF input in DAC I can’t ‘mute’ the signal playing on the ESS dual mono DAC with the remote on MonitorPiPro. Am I missing a mute cable or something? I see some mute jumpers on some of the boards.

First world issues 😎I know !

So once the ReceiverPi DDC becomes available, I'll still need to get the Amanero board? I was under the impression that the new ReceiverPi DDC would have the USB-Type B input? So I can eliminate the RaspberryPi module? Sorry for the noobness!

I believe I will start out with building a ProtoDAC in combination with the DIR9001 board and get a cheap PS just to see what kind of sound that has vs my cd player's DAC. If I like this sound, then I'll build a better stack with your components. It's only around a 100-ish USD, so no harm no foul. I'm building this ProtoDAC so that I can bypass the DAC in my NAD cd player for a comparison using coaxial cable.
I have ordered new SC-Pure 45/49 clocks 😎
Can’t wait to hear a difference. Every time I add something in my DIY build I’m rewarded with hearing the difference in my changes.

I’m just playing the new 2023 PF DSOTM 24/192 release and I do hear some highs and low clarity that aren’t there in the 16/44.1.

But I’m betting the new clocks will make a difference in the mid-range frequencies from the specs of the clock. Can’t wait to see if I hear it.


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