Asynchronous I2S FIFO project, an ultimate weapon to fight the jitter

I double tested my LinearPiMkII and my UCC5V today with 6V AC as input without any problem. So, I suggest
1. Make sure all LinearPis have independent AC coil, can not be shared with any other power supplies.
2. If you think the heatsink is too hot for your application, please change to 6V AC input
3. Use 6V AC as input or replace the fuse with 5A rated ones to see if it happens again?

Please let me know if you have and update.
Hi Ian
I have now got some new fuses, 2.5 A slow, and now it works🥳
Kind regards Lars
I exchanged emails with Mouser's support a couple days ago, because I had received the recall notice too. In my particular case(and I suspect in other's), my bags of batteries had mixed date codes. What! So, without the date code stamped on each battery, there is no physical way to determine which batteries are affected. Why no date code on the battery is beyond me. And, in order to return them, they cannot in a used state, or removed from a PCB. From my last projects, I had four new ones I was going to use as backups, but I had never used, so presumably these can be returned for a store credit, and not a cash refund. That's fine with me, as I, on occasion will place an order. She also informed me there is no stock and lead time is 6 weeks.

In my case, I'm going to roll the dice, and hope mine don't burst into flames one day.
I have received a Maxwell report regarding the recall lots and the related issue analysis. The recall was due to inconsistent plating on the terminals affecting their solderability. It appears that if you are able to solder the caps to the board then they are okay.

Here are four excerpts from the report.

D2. Problem Description (be very specific; include supporting data and pictures)
* Customer’s problem description: “Plating fail”
Hi Gun,
Mouser just informed me by email of a Product Recall from Maxwell for PN BCAP0325 P270 S17.
"Maxwell has stated that PN BCAP0325 P270 S17 has a plating fail. The datecodes that are affected by this recall is 2239
and 2149."
I'd like a detailed report
* Shipment History
Table 2 Shipment History
No. Shipping Date Quantity Grade RMA Release Date RMA No.
1 2022-06-08 3,190 K 2023-02-28 1000135
2 2022-09-30 3,960 K 2023-02-28 1000136

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Step 1: Visual Inspection (include internal pictures)
1. We confirmed the non-uniform plating of some of the terminal pins by enlarging them 40 times with a vision inspection machine.
2. The results were confirmed with our company's inventory using the same terminal pins lot, as there were no samples returned
from the customer.
3. The uneven plating on the terminal pins cannot be detected through visual inspection.
Step 1 Summary: We confirmed the non-uniform plating of some of the terminal pins by enlarging them 40 times with a vision
inspection machine.

Step 4: Electrical Testing
1. As a result of testing the three characteristics by the measuring instrument, all of them satisfied the specifications.
2. Connect the test instrument and the cell by the connectors or test fixtures
3. When electrical characteristics were evaluated through soldering, a normal AC ESR value was confirmed.
Step 4 Summary: All three characteristics of the cell satisfied the specifications, and the normal AC ESR value was confirmed in
the state of soldering to the PCB.

Step 10: Cause & Effect
1. The cause of non-uniform plating was presumed to be non-uniform plating of terminal pins due to non-compliance of process
standards by the plating supplier's workers.
2. The reason why uneven plating pins could not be found during the process performance test was that the test equipment and the
cell were connected by a connector during the characteristics test, and the test results all satisfied the specifications, so the plating
non-uniformity could not be identified.
3. The non-uniformly plated terminal pins may affect solderability, but as a result of the solderability check, binding force, and
resistance were confirmed normally.
Any experience of Q7 + ReclockPi?
I have tried the q7 + reclockpi and in my system the Prat and dynamics were not as good as with the q7 only. I like the q7 without the reclockpi better.. it sounds right to my ears.. but you might have a different result.. try it and you just might like it better. Clocks i used are the crystek cchd957 and accusilicons

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