Are you ready to face strong emotions?.. Dx Blame MKII and the Supercharged release!

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December, 24 will be the release date, despite Brazilians are putting pressure on me to make it earlier.

The philosophy is "not to mess with a team that is winning!".

Doctor Self Blameless design, a tweaked and sligthly modified version, is doing fine, without complains, no reason to change model, as this amplifiers transformed all amplifiers i did in loosers!...have beated all them!

Hundred Brazilians almost finished building... almost 47 percent already made their amplifiers.... they have appreciated since the first moment the amplifier was demonstrated in the Audio Festival...where the Blame ST was considered an excelent amplifier, the best match with the high end speaker used as the main one in that Rio Audio Festival...there was compared with more sophisticated and more expensive units, and have acquired hundreds of fans,

The amplifier was so well accepted by my people, that i could return to the Brazilian forum, the place i was banished two times (second time using fake) because i have pointed Uncle Charlie's Canon to some few, already smashed, fellow citizens.... the forum owner, someone that prefered to see the devil to see me in that forum once again, accepted me back and supported me, erasing my dark previous criminal history in that forum....also brazilians, the ones i have accused that could not hold a soldering iron because would burn themselves, holding them wrong way, have forgived me and are with me...all that because the amplifier quality, not because my dark brown eyes.

Dx Blame MKII is almost the same amplifier...the same Dx Blame ST...but has two output pairs and some resistances had modified values...the idea is to be used by the ones have difficult speaker loads..the amplifier is beeing tested to face 2.5 ohms output impedance...keeping the same supply voltage of 35 volts, but reinforced supply, using another transformer that will feed more watts..the amplifier will "pump out" more than 200 watts, and because of that, the supply should be 250 to 300 watts to each channel, also condensers must be increased in capacitance

Dx Blame Supercharted is also almost the same amplifier... the same Dx Blame ST... but has two output pairs and some resistances had modified values.... all small transistors and VAS and drivers where replaced by other units able to face higher voltages..the idea is to allow folks to use non efficient speakers, giving them some "reserve of power"..the unit is beeing tested to face 4 ohms..we gonna see if it will manage to face that in the long term... supply voltage was increased, power jumped to 100 watts minimum at 8 ohms, around 200 watts at 4 ohms.... supply condensers will be changed, increased in value too.

All them can use Dx supply, Nabuco Speaker Protector, Nabuco Insertion Delay (Surge protector) and all them will be served by the same board.... say... you will be able to assemble the Dx Blame ST, the Dx Blame MKII and the Dx Blame Supercharged using the same board.

Part values will be printed into the board's silk screen, unless are parts that will have different values because of different models.... these ones will have the old style silk screen, showing R1, R2, C4, C5 and so on.

Boards will be almost squared, using Greek's beauty ratio of 1 by 0.6, the Greek Partenon shape, and are beeing prepared by two brazilians... Mitchel (Nabuco) and Renatovsky (Renato Comerlatte)...also we gonna have, as tradition, the very good help from Alex mm, that is traditional preparing excelent layouts to the Dx Corporation....all layouts will be offered in this forum, to you to etch.

Group buys will be stimulated, people can use the board they want, also running a couple of wires, you can use the lovely boards from the German Group (Rudi and Metal) and you can also use Todd Johnson's pioneer boards...the one inspired all other Blame boards.

People can enter and subscribe to the Brazilian forum, and there, they can, because members, order whatever they want.

Mitchel (Nabuco) will also produce boards to offer in his home page.... i will stimulate group buy to be opened here is this same forum we are the

The amplifier continues unbeatable (my personnal subjective opinion)... reason why i will be offering it, here, the next 10 years long!... will stop the day i found one unit better, them will point you the better one.... and even this way will continue with the Blame....maybe pointed as the second best one.

Boards are beeing made.... torture tests are happening daily..... these amplifiers are one step up in quality at your home and are highly suggested folks.... you gonna feel strong emotions and God's presence in your heart while listening the unit....this is guaranteed, exception is if you have not ears and have not heart!.... this way cannot listen or feel:)

Uncle Charlie, Mitchel, Renato and Alex mm will be working for your pleasure..give yourself the chance to listen the best wide world amplifier ever made (my opinion)


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About these amplifiers, i am publishing pictures in the Dx Blame ST thread

where you can see builder's pictures...looks alike because 100 brazilians have ordered kits..including parts... transformers, and now they are starting an enclosure group buy and finishing the heatsinks group are not so different, because boards and parts are almost the same (group buy)

Tests are published too..... the basic scope inspections and some audio torture will be shown in videos uploaded to Youtube...the links will be posted too.

Notice videos are uploaded too.... we are working fellows... to be offer you a safe amplifier, a tested one... a guaranteed one.... a reliable one aproved by users one..... they will be tortured ...if smoke, will happens at my home and not at your home!

YouTube - Notice!, the Blame MKII and the Supercharged
YouTube - Supercharged, low power basic scope inspection
YouTube - Supercharged, 10khz square wave - 228 watts RMS


Hello Berhix...... i am very glad you came to see me!

I am a kind of idiot use to be smiling and laughing almost all time long..some dislike me, no problems about... they will like my amplifiers.

Yes, i can be bad too..also i have a Canon and i know how to bite people too....have only not to bother me and i will be peacefull for the ethernity.

Here you see my style...iam that kind of retarded...yes i am this way!

YouTube - Trololo Sing Along!


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You can see folks....Mitchel is already working and we have a layout preview

this board will fit:

Dx Blame ES
Dx Blame ST
Dx Blame MKII
Dx Blame Supercharged

Boys!..this is a preview only..will be even better.... Mitchel is working on that..not ready yet.




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    Layout preview..not finished yet.jpg
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Hi uncle Charlie,

wow, for long time im not active just few days a go come back and see the progress on this forum, btw im impressed what you have made so many amp board phew.wwww...

i cant miss this one to build it up ive made 4 board dx amp before and running hard and harder even use for karaoke shop nothing is blow and dx amp give same quality of sound until now :D.

when this one will be released uncle? i`m ready for it :D cant wait....

Azmi, this one will be released December, 24th... Christmas gift to my friends.

:)You should try the Troyan, i have discovered how to make it sound unbelieavable good and i can give you the needed informations to modify the basic schematic.

The update and upgrade informations i will inform only to builders, and by direct mail, as i had too many bad guys there and the land is mined there!... uncle Charlie was punished because said some truth to some guys... the amplifier is now be explored in other foruns

It is expensive and big, but it is a power factory.... a monster able to produce an earthquake in your neighborhood.

Yes...need a special transformer....OR.... several small transformers rectified and filtered with the DC out joined together.... needs 3 or four of these "standard" sized transformers to each channel.... well.... i think you will not have anything with that quality buying already made comercial products on the shelve....maybe a Crown....not sure as i could not test..but i believe Crown may be very good. (despite belief is more foolish than science)

About the boring platoon, in the reality i am missing i love a good combat, in special the way they offer me... six against one!..this is the way i like it!....i had not the chance to test my new weapon against them...ahahahahahahahha!

Now I'm a victim ... even without earning money here, i've got that after the punishment i
turned a martyr ....wounded in combat against the dark platton..... and this is a real fun!




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Now a serious thing folks..... one of the main targets was

to avoid these big ones in the input.... i had to increase impedance (very easy folks) to reduce the input capacitor you can try 1uf and have room to another one in parallel (that 100N can be replaced by another 1uF)... this way, no more the need to use huge capacitors, the 10uf monsters will not be there anymore... at least i hope so.

I suggest the most curious ones not to waste your time inspecting the board to see the new values..of course there are parts below the board folks....i am not interested to publish the schematic before December, 24th.




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I just cannot wait to have your board Mitchel, i do think your boards are very nice

We are tuned, because we are Brazilians and from the same french town (Rio de Janeiro), we have almost the same taste and ideas... also we have yellow in our flag.... the nice board, with great symetry, ballanced if had weigth, good sized and good shape...and inspired in Todd Johnson boards..... the philosophy.... never mess with a team that is winning.... not clever to modify Todd Johnson boards....because tested!... and you are tuned and think the same way i think.

You Mitchel, you are humble and accept instructions.... and you do that because you can!..only the ones are really skilled can accept to follow instructions..because they can understand the reasons we have to instruct this or that way or direction or philosophy based things... the ones does not have the needed electronic base, have a lot of strange demands and do think i am to much are very welcome.... you, Renato Comerlatte and Alex mm..... all very reasonable folks... thank you very much.

I do thank all folks have cooperated... RAJ, Klaas Veenstra, Greg, Nico, Todd and Omar...and some many others that have cooperated a lot..Greg, Todd and Omar made lovely boards..for sure they did.... but finally i have the ones 100 percent "tuned" with my ideas.... well... i have to fight a lot for that...also to wait 7 years long (eating a lot of frogs!) to have the correct ones at my side.

You are very welcome in the effort i make to populate whole world with Dx Amplifiers!... why not to dream?..... we have already amplifiers in all Continents, in more than 60 countries....more than 600 guys have already made... we have Chinese producing thousands of copies the nice invasion.... one day i will be inside your home guys!... playing a good sound....i have even some enemies that already have my amplifiers.... they will not be enemies anymore after listen the sound.


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to avoid these big ones in the input.... i had to increase impedance (very easy folks) to reduce the input capacitor you can try 1uf and have room to another one in parallel (that 100N can be replaced by another 1uF)... this way, no more the need to use huge capacitors, the 10uf monsters will not be there anymore... at least i hope so.
can you recall how many times I have advised that you change the input and NFB filters?
Do you remember your replies?
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