And what did we buy today?

My shopping therapy isn't over yet. Roland MX-1 coming in mail 😁. Now only one left in stock in Australian shops 👀

The MX-1 will sit on a home studio desk at the end of bed under a TV screen. Studio PC is also used for music and videos. Hunting for a media controller for the bedside to complement the Roland. I can only find USB ones. Something wireless would be great to leave on the bedside furniture. These seem like a good USB option. Trying to find out if those caps with the transport symbols can be retro fitted to the three knob unit. That should give easy low light access to media controls without reaching for the mouse. Any other options? How about a Presonus Faderport?



Careful with those cheap custom keyboards Randy, I got burned with the Blackweb software not talking to apps reliably as an example. I had previously thought Blackweb was a name brand; back I went to Logitech.
As for me, normal odds and ends: an Azzurri hat from Aliex (quite cheap as they keep missing the World Cup :D), and a Netgear gigabit dual WAN router from the electronics recyclers. Not the best specs, gigabit electrically but max throughput is 350 Mbps. Also a bear to configure, uses outdated, forced SSL connection. Luckily Firefox still supports all the way back to TLS 1.0. Only $21.
An Xduoo mu-604. I wanted a line powered dac to try to eliminate pc noise and my old dac was about 10 years old. At the time light years ahead of pc motherboard sound, now, not so much. It did the trick, no pc noise. It seems DACS have improved massively in the last 10 years, even though it isn't an expensive one. This new DAC is a similar improvement over my contemporary motherboard sound card which to be fair is actually quite good and suffers less pc noise than the old external dac. I'm happy with my purchase!